Are you ready for the oral history of the San Diego Comic-Con?  Comic-Con Begins: Origin Stories of the San Diego Comic-Con and the Rise of Modern Fandom is a new podcast from SiriusXM/Pandora debuting on June 22nd that will do just that with a variety of figures famous and infamous.

In the new SXM Podcasts original documentary series, listeners can trace the rise of Comic-Con in the style of an oral history. Weaving together personal stories and outrageous anecdotes from key players in the early days of the convention, the podcast traces the event’s evolution from a disorganized gathering of comic book and sci-fi geeks to an international cultural pillar where top studios, networks, and creators showcase the latest developments in sci-fi, comics, and fantasy.

Narrated by sci-fi and horror film actress Brinke Stevens (The Slumber Party Massacre, The Rocketeer) — a very authentic choice! — the 6-episode series will include interviews with Neil Gaiman, Bruce Campbell, Kevin Smith, and over 30 founding members of the original San Diego Comic-Con. I wonder if Bruce will talk about that time I blabbered on at him endlessly.

Anyway, there’s a trailer for the series that includes sound bites from Jackie Estrada and many more.

Having listened to this trailer, it includes an anecdote about Logan’s Run and Ocean’s Eleven writer George Clayton Johnson, which totally gets my stamp of approval because if you attended Comic-Con during a certain period, you were sure to have a George Clayton Johnson anecdote. Or two.

Based on the PR and trailer, this sounds like a very thorough exploration of the San Diego Comic-Con, and its development into the cultural behemoth it is today. You can be sure I will be listening!

SiriusXM has already been teaming with Marvel for a few podcasts, including the talk show Marvel Method — Method Man interviewing various figures — and the scripted Old Man Starlord podcast which debuted on June 1.

Episode 1 of Comic-Con Begins premieres June 22 on the SXM App, Pandora, Stitcher, and all major podcast platforms, with new episodes available weekly. The entire 6-episode series will be available to SXM App and Stitcher Premium subscribers on June 22.