comics_chameleon.jpgAfter being in beta for a while, Comic Chameleon has finally launched for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The free app—developed by Alien Loves Predator’s Bernie Hou—is an aggregator for your favorite webcomics on the various mobile platforms. The app includes a panel-to-panel transition mode and the full archives of all the comics. Unlike some other scraper sites, it’s also done in full cooperation with the creators. Ad revenue is shared among all the participants.

The comics included in the app are among the most popular on the web, including Dinosaur Comics, Girls with Slingshots and XKCD. We’ve yet to fool around with it but it looks like a great way to keep everything in one place.

Here’s the complete list of comics carried:
– A Softer World
- Alien Loves Predator
- Amazing Super Powers
- Bad Machinery
- Book of Biff, The
- Boxer Hockey
- Broodhollow
- Buttersafe
- Cat and Girl
- Chainsawsuit
- Dinosaur Comics
- Dumbing of Age
- Girls with Slingshots
- Hijinks Ensue
- Nedroid
- Non-Adventures of Wonderella, The
- Overcompensating
- Questionable Content
- Sam and Fuzzy
- Scenes from a Multiverse
- Spacetrawler
- Three Panel Soul
- Wasted Talent
- Wondermark

Here’s a video of the app in action:

Comic Chameleon iPhone app video tour from Bernie Hou on Vimeo.


  1. I see that an Android version is planned, but I don’t see why that tidbit could not have made it into the blurb here.

    I’m more than willing to buy apps for my mobile devices and I’d love to support my favorite webcomic artists in the process, but I have less than zero interest in an iOS-only product. That’s the kind of thinking that leads people to think that there’s something wrong or bad about non-Apple platforms.

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