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Here’s a run down of what Kevin Smith is up to, including news that Comic Book Men will be renewed for a fourth (!) season. Smith is also developing a late night talk show based on his Hollywood Babble On podcast with Ralph Garman. And Finally, there will be a Comic Book Men SPIN-OFF somehow related show starring Asbury Park co-runner Robert Bruce, a regular guest star on CBM:

Frequent castmember Robert Bruce will be the focus of the companion series, which is not being billed as a “spinoff.” Produced by Original Media, with Charlie Corwin and Smith executive producing, the series would take Bruce outside of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash (as highlighted on Comic Book Men), on a cross-country search for collectibles and fanboy items at estate sales, auctions and flea markets.

Nerd Dream Roadshow then?

Bruce is interviewed about his new venture at 13th Dimension where he’s also a contributor.


  1. I know Robert and he’s a great guy. Don’t mistake reality/scripted reality TV from real life and very real people.

    I saw Robert go after a couple at a flea market who tried to rip off a kid who was selling items. These dispicable people were run out of the show by him. Sure they make money off of collecting, but there’s a very strong sense of karma and doing the right thing when it comes to the true collectors.

  2. As one who gasps whenever Storage Wars discovers old comics, or when American Pickers enters what would be a self-curated museum, I would love to watch this show!

    Heck, I’d go on the road with him!

    As a dealer, his booth at the Asbury Park shows is always chock full of the unusual and little seen, usually a little wunderkammer of a booth!

  3. I would watch a cross country comic search show. My real issue with Comic Book Men is that it is too insular; I want to see the Men dealing with real people, outside their comfort zone, in real settings.

  4. Hahahahaha it’s funny that people still hate on comic book men in the comic book community. The show isn’t perfect but it’s damn fun. And the Tell Em Steve Dave podcast is one of the best out there, so to get anymore of those guys is cool with me. I’m happy for Rob too, I will be watching his show to if it airs. The guys from Comic Book Men just got a full feature claymation film backed on kickstarter too, things seem to be going well for them.

  5. Comic Book Men dialog / conversations are poorly executed -it is obvious that they are told to have discussions with each other about “Gee, who is your favorite super villain?”

    Comic Book Men conversations are cheesy, scripted, poorly executed -it comes off soo fake it makes them look more pathetic than they really are.

    Question: Can we have people who know about comic and buying and selling comics, but have those people actually be cool??? Not ‘cool’ in the hipster sense, but “cool” -some guys with confidence, and some more balls???

    Answer: Robert Bruce

  6. I hate this show.
    It does nothing but reenforce negative comic reader stereotypes and suggests that comics are only for awkward middle aged men.

  7. jacob , so you dislike a show that hasn’t aired yet and by the looks of it will not be solely based on comics or even just toys. Interesting observation.

  8. @ jacob – I love when folks use absolutes like that. When the hell did that show suggest that comics are only for middle aged men? It seems more like you’re inferring, rather than the show implying anything. I get if you hate that widespread perception of comics doesn’t match what the medium can offer, but don’t hate on folks who happen to align with some of the stereotypes. That kind of bickering reminds me of, oh, I dunno, a stereotypical comic book fan.

  9. There is only one thing worse than Comic Book Men, and that is people complaining about Comic Book Men – Oscar Wilde.

  10. I enjoy Comic Book Men as an extension of Clerks and the Askewiverse. It is a horrible representation of good modern comic shops. Yet in that it is a buncha old comic fanboys being old curmudgeons… I kinda enjoy it. I know it does not portray the whole industry well… but it kinda exorcises its demons, laughing at these guys.

    This new show sounds a bit better. Kinda like that Pickers show or Toy Hunter. Bruce there seems more level headed of a collector.

  11. Everyone involved with Comic Book Men could be wonderful people, I dunno, but I do know that show is beyond awful. I don’t think anyone does reality TV and comes off looking well, though. Maybe those Extreme House people…that seems like an ok show. Poor people catching a break, who wouldn’t enjoy that? Maybe Comic Book Men needs an episode where they build a house for someone?

  12. Doctor Comix: “I chalk every nasty thing said about this show up to raw, naked jealousy.”

    I chalk it up to be a very lame television show.

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