More amazing books to pick up tomorrow at Comic Arts Brooklyn or via your local comics shop or the web if you can’t attend. What are you most looking forward to? Many thanks to the creators and publishers for sending me info and to CAB’s Gabe Fowler for enabling this.

Part one is here.

I’ll have D&Q and Fantagraphics in their own posts, BTW

Dip Your Dock
Josh Simmons

40 page sketchbook zine straight from the head of Josh Simmons.

Dumpling King 6
Alex Kim

Alex Kim brings you another offering of dumplings.






Enchanted Lion

Sometimes Macanudo is standard comedy fare with a gag and a punchline; at other times, it’s lyrical and philosophical; and at yet other moments in other strips, it’s a weird, surreal treat. The one thing it’s not –not ever – is dull or mean. Rather, it has an air of surrealism and childlike wonder that gives it a timeless quality. It is deadpan and wacky and has the added bonus of featuring Henrietta, a wildly interesting child and a great girl character, with her teddy bear Mandelbaum and her cat Fellini. But it’s not only Henrietta who shows up repeatedly and sometimes she doesn’t show up for a while, because Liniers is thinking about other things and he needs other cool characters to situate and embody them.

by Steve Aylett
From the pages of Dodgem Logic and the creator of The Caterer – 64 pages of new comics by Steve Aylett!

Mr Incompleto

Bayer pays tribute to the weird 1980s Marvel comics he remembers reading in his childhood. This book is intended as a companion piece to “Theth” or can be read on its own. 52 pages, full color cover.

DyingSami AhoThe book transports the reader thru story like broken computer game – a story without characters, a story where every attempt to
sustain life is doomed to failure and all the possibilities have been already used. Read: this is one is a horribly beautiful book. We’ll
celebrate the release at opening of the Business Talk Partner Zone -exhibition in Wayfarers Gallery on Sunday 9th, 6–9PM. The book is of
course available from our booth as well. That’s a 64-page silent comic, thread sewed in size 11.3″ x 8.3″.kuti33_cover_small

German side: Ana Albero, Max Baitinger, Sharmila Banerjee, Robert Deutsch, Martin Ernstsen, Michel Esselbrügge (kansi / cover), Aisha Franz, Till Hafenbrak, Anna Haifisch, Jeong Hwa Min, Paul Paetzel, Josephin Ritschel, Marie-Luce Schaller & James Turek

Finnish side: Mari Ahokoivu, Heta Bilaletdin, Terhi Ekebom, Jyrki Heikkinen (kansi / cover), Leo Kuikka, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Tiina Lehikoinen, Mikko Luostarinen, Lauri Mäkimurto, Jyrki Nissinen, Katri Sipiläinen, Tuomas Tiainen & Emmi ValveProudly presenting the latest issue of Kuti that’s a German special released both in Finnish and German, both of course with English subtitles on bottom. Covers for this ‘flip-tabloid’ by Michel Esselbrügge and Jyrki Heikkinen. Features an article on German scene by Brigitte Helbling. Thanks to all the people who helped with this issue!
Ötzi – King of the JungleTommi Musturi’s Ötzi, the oldest mummy in Europe, found in Tirol 1991. Later he moved to Finland to work as an au-pair and ending up as an anarchistic comic strip hero for this weird book of Tommi Musturi, drawn with ten different styles or no style at all.


“Magpie, Magpie”

Matt Huynh

From graphic artist Matt Huynh comes an Australian Gothic haunted house story of abandoned lovers in a deserted land. Morgan, with little left to lose, kidnaps his own daughter and flees town with his mistress. When they are separated in a storm, he’s forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel where he is greeted by the suspicious generosity of a stranger haunted by a long departed lover. Little by little he pieces together the mystery and of his hostess and her lost love.

Painted in acrobatic lines and pulsing visual rhythms, Huynh’s latest original offering, ‘Magpie, Magpie’, delivers romance to its horrific extremes with a hypnotic, ringing lament in ink and pulp.

magicmagpieparty magpie preview c

The Lost Art of Ray Willner: The Adventures of Robin Hood
Ray Willner, Reed Crandall, and Joseph V. Procopio
Ray Willner was a casualty of the culture wars. With a comics career dating to 1939, Willner produced impressive work for publishers small and large throughout the 1940s. By 1949 he landed one of the only steady gigs in his career for an unusual publisher: The Brown Shoe Company. It was there that Willner found a simpatico spirit in fellow artist Reed Crandall. Although their collaboration on the Brown Shoe Co. series The Adventures of Robin Hood lasted less than a year—cancelled in the wake of the scaremongering backlash against comics in the 1950s—the seven issues produced by Willner with Crandall represent a seldom seen high-water mark in comics art. They were the last comics Willner would ever draw. The Lost Art of Ray Willnercollects these comics for the first time since their original publication in 1956 and includes an introductory essay on Willner’s life and career. (Paperback: $24.95 / Hardcover: $32.95 / 212 pages / 8.5”x11”)


12 step Scatalog

David Sandlin

A  collection of Puritanical novelty items,” shrive to see the light”, printed in silkscreen and risograph

9th Art Ink. #5

Jude Killory

The 5th edition of my self published series of short stories. In this issue we have part 1 of BEK (Black Eyed Kid), where the Grim Reaper has a hard time getting the dead to follow directions.

Anya Davidson
16-pg 2-Color Risozine Comic by Anya Davidson – Elderly Wizard and his familiars prepare for the passing of the staff.
Dongery16-pg 2-Color Risozine Comic by Dongery – Norwegian art collective returns with a new English language zine of their patented bizarre humor.



ed. Bailey Sharp & Ben Juers
Making its US debut at CAB, this hilarious compendium of psychoanalytical comics was previously only available in Australia. It features an international roster of cartoonists riffing on the pseudoscientific fringes of the field. You can get your own copy from contributor Pat Barrett at the Oily Comics table.


Matt Madden

INK BRICK kicks off its line of original mini publications with Walker by comics legend Matt Madden. The mini’s structure is adapted from the poetic form of the sestina, and as always, Madden prompts the reader to consider new creative possibilities for the comics medium. 8 black-and-white pages with color cover. Includes brief essay by the cartoonist. Debuting at CAB for $1.

Art Schooled

Jamie Coe
Daniel Stope is a small-town guy who dreams of becoming an artist. His enrollment at art school and consequent move to the city opens up a world of exciting possibiles. Unsurprisingly, Daniel struggles with his newfound independence – the difficulties of dating and making new friends in the big smoke. Coe’s tale is a visually powerful and enthralling graphic novel.


This and That
A Collection of Mini Comics and Short Stories
This and That is a 90-page collection of various mini comics and short stories published between 2002-2014, as well as patterns and doodles dispersed

Mimi4matt 72dpi
Mimi & The Wolves Act II: The Den
The second volume of Alabaster’s beloved series about affairs, alliances, and arts & crafts.

by Neil Gaiman & Lorenzo Mattotti
This all happened a long time ago, in your grandmother’s time, or in her grandfather’s. A long time ago. Back then, we all lived on the edge of the great forest.
Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattotti both remember the horror and fascination with which they read the Grimm Brothers’ “Hansel and Gretel.” The writer and the artist now join forces for a brilliant reimagining of one of humanity’s most enduring tales. Be brave, be bold, and keep your wits about you–Gaiman and Mattotti are welcoming you into the woods.
by Fred
Meet Philemon, one of France’s most beloved comic book adventurers!
On an ordinary day in the countryside, Philemon falls into a well on his father’s farm and lands… in the Atlantic Ocean?! He begins a wild and whimsical journey through a fantasy world as original as Alice’s Wonderland, as richly imagined as Little Nemo’s Slumberland, and as exciting to explore as Oz.
by Yvan Pommaux
Relive Theseus’s fantastic adventure as he comes face-to-face with the terrible Minotaur!
Son of both a god and a man, Theseus was destined for greatness. How did he become both the king of Athens and the creator of democracy? And why did he abandon Ariadne after she risked her life to save him? Thanks to the unique flair of writer and artist Yvan Pommaux, this classic tale is brought vividly to life in a glorious retelling of the original myth. A must for fans of Percy Jackson and mythology-inspired video games–it will captivate young readers and nourish their imaginations.
by Geoffrey Hayes
It’s not even breakfast time but Benny is already in a bad mood. And when he sets out in the fog to find his missing hat, he leads himself and his sister Penny straight into… big trouble!
Once again Geoffrey Hayes, the winner of the Geisel Award for best early reader, displays his talent at showing finely articulated emotions, as two tiny mice give us a hugely valuable lesson in what it takes to be a leader.

Layout 1

Boutique Mag #1

by Marc Bell

Colour Code Printing

Marc Bell’s prequel to Boutique Mag #2, 4 colour risograph collages and comics by the creator of Shrimpy and Paul!
Next Morning

by Juliana Neufeld
Colour Code Printing

‘Next Morning’, by Toronto artist Juliana Neufeld, illustrates a series of wordless scenes capturing a familiar moment of energy and emotion in a night out, coupled with the feelings and inevitable fallout of the next morning.

 Generous Preview
Generous Bosom
by Conor Stechschulte, published by Breakdown PressThis book is an erotic psychological thriller involving a stranded motorist and a strange isolated couple.
by Conor Stechschulte
Three kids go night swimming in a lake and look at one another in the water through the dark.


hawd coverHawd Tales #1

Devin Flynn

Hilarity and heartbreak unfolding in a jugular vein.  Hawd Tales is the debut book by Devin Flynn, known for his appearances in the anthologies, “Monster” and “Paper Rodeo.”  Hawd Tales marks his first solo book and features a rogue’s gallery of characters emitting a sordid, street-savy kind of virtue.



Chris Cilla
Chris Cilla’s latest comic is a flip-book of the mind-bending variety, crafted to elicit a state of altered consciousness and pure joy.


Song of Mercury