Next week AfterShock Comics will release Clans of Belari #4, the finale of the sci-fi action series from writers Peter Blackie and Rob Blackie, artist Daniel Maine, colorist Carlos Lopez, letterer Taylor Esposito, and cover artists Dave Sharpe & Jose Villarrubia. Today The Beat is presenting an exclusive preview of the issue, which finds protagonists Te’a and Gummy at a crossroads.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Clans of Belari #4:

It’s only a suicide mission if you actually die doing it.

Separated, Te’a and Gummy find themselves on divergent paths. Under pressure from Cluthian, Te’a is forced into carrying out a mission that most pilots wouldn’t even dream of attempting—but Te’a is not “most pilots”.

Back when the series was first announced, writer Rob Blackie described his vision for the characters of Te’a and Gummy, and who he could see playing the two in a big-screen adaptation of the series:

“This story has two protagonists – one is a older, somewhat gruff space pilot in Gummy Greely. The other is an ‘outcast’ that we meet at age 4, and see grow to 21 – where she becomes an accomplished pilot herself. In the case of Gummy, we always talked about it as though it’s important that anyone who plays him can be a little hard on the outside, but have a warm soul. And we think of him as a character that we would not be precious with – if he needs to lose teeth for the story, then we should not be shy about that. We often talked about Bruce Dern as a great point of reference. Viggo Mortensen is another wonderful possibility for Gummy. For Te’a, she is younger, and is mixed race given the time and place of the story. So on some way, we think it might be exciting for whoever plays her to be an actor the world is meeting of the first time.”

Check out the preview of Clans of Belari #4, featuring four previously-released pages and four pages exclusive to The Beat, below. The final issue of the series arrives in stores and digitally next Wednesday, October 20th.