Later today, we’re going to have a review of DC Comics Dark Nights: Death Metal #1, but first, we’d like to point your attention to a brief prelude story for the event that the publisher posted to its Instagram.

The story has the same creative team as the comic — writer Scott Snyder, artist Greg Capullo, inker Jonathan Glapion, colorist FCO Plascencia, and letterer Tom Napolitano — and it consists of 10 panels, as well as title art and credits.

It’s kind of tough to keep vamping about a story that brief, so I’ll get to the point and link you to it, before noting that this is the second time that DC has used the story feature on its Instagram count to publish a quick prelude story, having also done so for Batman #92.

Here’s the link to the IG prelude story for Dark Nights: Death Metal #1.

And a teaser panel…

Anyway, check back for the DC Round-Up later today (now on Tuesdays to coincide with DC’s release schedule!) for a review of Dark Nights: Death Metal #1!