Fresh off While continuing his run on the ever-cosmic GØDLAND, Tom Scioli is back to his own graphic novel, And yes, it looks familiar. But that is the fun of it.

On August 27, A-Okay Comics celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Thomas Scioli’s Xeric-Winning sci-fi fantasy comic series, The Myth of 8-Opus by releasing the first all-new installment in 5 years, The Myth of 8-Opus:The Labyrinth.

Why the 5-year gap since the last graphic novel? “Once Godland took off, it ate up so much of my time, ” says writer-artist Scioli, “My intention was to do my work for Image, and keep 8-Opus going on the side, but I just wasn’t prepared for the number of hours a monthly comic takes. I had to squirrel away time for it, but I finally was able to finish Labyrinth. I can’t wait to get it out there. It’s where my heart is.”

“8-Opus, the title character, is a space-faring demigod compelled by visions of the past, present and future shown to him by his mystical stone mask. In this latest installment, 8-Opus embarks on star-spanning odyssey to expose a conspiracy of cosmic proportions.The tone is a bit different from Godland. It’s got the whole cosmic kirbyesque flavor, but this is underground stuff, real do-it-yourself comics. I wrote, drew and lettered the whole thing from start-to-finish. This is my most personal vision. To me this is a homecoming. My comics career started with 8-Opus. I’ve drawn a lot of comics since then and learned a lot about the craft. Now I’ve come back to 8-Opus bringing with me all I’ve learned.”