DC’s Year of the Villain (not quite an event, more of a line-wide thematic motif) will continue with 22 acetate villain covers for November.

And now, we’ve got a gallery of said villain covers for you to check out, below. Brace yourself for the villainy, which got started back in May. These covers were first announced at the SDCC retailer lunch last month, and they will have the villains on the acetate layer with the heroes on a cover beneath.

villain variants
Action Comics #1017 by John Romita, Jr., and Klaus Johnson.
villain variants
Aquaman #54 by Dan Panosian.
villain covers
Batgirl #41 by Dustin Nguyen.
villain covers
Batman #82 by David Finch.
villain covers
Batman and the Outsiders #7 by Jonboy Meyers.
villain covers
Batman Superman #4 by Emanuela Lupacchino.
Catwoman #17 by David Finch.
Deathstroke #49 by Stephen Segovia.
Detective Comics #1015 by Paolo Pantalena.
Flash #82 by Guillem March.
Harley Quinn #67 by Kenneth Rocafort.
Hawkman #18 by Tyler Kirkham.
Justice League #35 by Rafael Albuquerque.
Justice League Dark #17 by Stephen Segovia.
Justice League Odyssey #15 by Neil Googe.
Nightwing #66 by Jonboy Meyers.
Red Hood Outlaw #40 by Guillem March.
Supergirl #36 by Dan Mora.
Superman #17 by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.
Teen Titans #36 by Dan Mora.
Terrifics #22 by Stephen Byrne.
Wonder Woman #82 by Rafael Albuquerque.


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