Okay we have not been linking to EVERY single Charlie Sheen comic because, let’s face it, we’re beating this thing to death. Yes there was Family Circus and Superhero Quotes and Sheen vs Deadpool and even some Comics Alliance didn’t link to.

But it is Kate Beaton who has supplied both the only necessary Charlie Sheen comics and the FINAL Charlie Sheen comic, in a page featuring Marge Gundersson, the sensible sheriff from Fargo. That is a tiger blood rocket to Mars right there.


  1. Hmm, a cartoon about someone leaning over, about to barf. Okay.

    But really, who should replace Charlie on 2.5 Men? Maybe Martin Sheen, his dad? That would be good.
    Or maybe um George Hamilton IV. Or Rob Leifeld. Okay, no, But who though?

  2. Yeah, it took me a second to realize it was Fargo without the context.

    You know what? I certainly don’t quite agree with Sheen on drugs, 9/11, Obama, sex, polyamory, or a number of issues. I gotta confess that between his world view and the main stream media’s that crucifying him right now? I’m with Sheen. Then again I like the writings of Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, and Hunter S Thompson. So, Sheen’s not that far out to me.