You remember Charles Vess, right?  If not, guide left and his art ought to look familiar.  He’s got an original art book coming out.  In a twist, its an original art book from Titan, not IDW.

The Book of Ballads was originally published by Green Man Press as single issues in the mid-90s, then collected as a book by Tor in the mid-aughts, so the Original Art Edition is roughly keeping to schedule.  The Book of Ballads is Vess hooking up with writers like Neil Gaiman and Jeff Smith to adapt English, Irish and Scottish folk tales.  The “original art” part of this is that the book is a 10″ x 15″ hardcover.  It’s the original art with the thumbnails and story notes included.

Official PR:


Featuring stories by literary titans– reimagining Britain’s greatest folktales!

Twenty-two years ago, superstar artist Charles Vess teamed up with an all-star ensemble of ground-breaking and award winning writers including Neil Gaiman (Sandman), Jane Yolen (Lost Girls), Sharyn McCrumb (The Ballad of Frankie Silver), and Jeff Smith (Bone) to produce THE BOOK OF BALLADS – which reimagined the greatest English, Irish, and Scottish folktales in sequential art.

This September, Titan Comics will produce a special, oversized hardcover art edition presenting Charles Vess’ original work in a glorious 10 x 15 dimension so fans can enjoy the legendary collection from a modern master in an all-new way. In addition to this oversized page treatment, Charles Vess’ original thumbnails and story notes are also included in this unique and unmissable art edition.

From Neil Gaiman’s retelling of “The False Knight on the Road”, to Jeff Smith’s “The Galtee Farmer”, and Jane Yolen’s “King Henry” – Charles Vess’ The Book of Ballads brought new visions of the classic folktales from the brightest New York Times bestsellers, award winners, and masters of science fiction and fantasy together with stunning art from Charles Vess. With this new THE BOOK OF BALLADS ART EDITION, get ready to experience the stories anew!

THE BOOK OF BALLADS ART EDITION (ISBN: 9781783294428) hits comic stores September 13, 2017 and bookstores on November 10, 2017.


  1. Ok, I’m puzzled. The artwork you show is that which was in both versions as I remember them. I’ve only got an autographed copy of the Tor hardcover here, but I read the series when it came out. Is he doing new artwork to reflect the size of forthcoming book?

  2. This Original Art Edition is a warts and all publication at the same size as the original art( as the name implies). So all my corrections, paste ups and overlays will be on display. What will be new (besides the much larger size) are the rough thumbnail layouts and all my script notes for these stories. Later there is a planned trade edition with these same stories AND all the pages from SKADE (the Nordic saga that was originally included in the comic book series. There will be 10 pages of never before reproduced art from that. Fun!

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