As I noted the other day, there was a lot of hullabaloo about the Superman/Wonder Woman book from those who favor the Clark/Lois pairing and a non-romantically-entangled Wonder Woman. Writer Charles Soule has commented on his blog and dropped a few more hints about the book:

This sort of thing has been done in the past – Batman and Superman in particular have a long history of teaming up in a single title, from “World’s Finest” to the most recent iteration of “Batman – Superman,” written by my pal Greg Pak (the first issue of which hits shelves next week, in fact.)  What makes S/WW different is that the main characters are currently embroiled in a romantic relationship, and the title will explore that angle in a significant way.  It’s not going to just be about that, but they’re absolutely “together,” in every sense.  In fact, that’s what attracted me to the project in the first place – it’s a chance to tell stories about superhero adventures on a gigantic scale with a very personal angle attached to it.  (Although let’s get real here – ANY chance to write a title featuring two of the most popular and significant characters in all of popular culture is nothing to sneeze at.)

After giving his thoughts on some of the lessons of love, he concludes:

In a nutshell, then – I think that exploring a relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman will help both characters grow significantly.  Whatever happens in their futures (and I’m sure it’ll be all kinds of crazy business – it’s comics, after all), this is where they are now, and I feel fortunate to be the one seeing how it all works out.

Soule notes he won’t be dropping any of his other books—his own LETTER 44 for Oni, and SWAMP THING, RED LANTERNS, and THUNDERBOLTS. 

I’ll just throw in here that maybe one way to overcome DC’s Ongoing Dread of Wonder Woman (ODoWW) is to see her in a healthy relationship with a great guy. Okay, I know it kind of sucks for fans of the warrior woman, but that obviously isn’t going to fly. Even in an invisible plane.


  1. I have zero problem with Diana dating a nice guy. None. I have problems with it being Superman.

    The people making excuses for this book are missing the point.

    Not only will I not buy it but I will actively root for it to fail in every capacity.

  2. I’d have avoided mentioning Batman & Superman, because relating to someone on a professional level has practically nothing to do with being in love with someone. If DC had wanted to do a Superman-Wonder Woman “buddy” series, they could have, but then what would the selling point of it have been? The issue’s villain?

    Why should Superman and Wonder Woman be in love with each other? Suppose Superman goes out on a date with anyone in the world, in full costume. What does he talk about on the date?


  3. Not problem with diana dating guys or girls, But Superman is just wrong. Her second second book it’s about a relationship. Superman has 5 books c’mon.

  4. Kingdom Come. Nuff said. Lois and Supes are just so boring together. Seriously I have not seen any thing with them that interested me and that includes MOS movie where she is motherly affection for the lost boy more than a love interest. Zero chemistry. I am all for a sm/ww coupling. I would never pick up a Lois and Clark book anyway. Talk about watching paint dry.

  5. well, actually it’ll be interesting n lois/sups relation is growing old n boring. for me s/ww together seem cute

  6. Man, if Superman and Wonder Woman had kids, we’d be screwed as a species. They would wipe our butts so clean off the face of the Earth. Besides, one hot superhero + another hot superhero = What’s not to love? They stakes are so much higher now that their is a couple in the Justice League. Imagine all the gossip the league’s would have. I’d say let them have at it. Lois is so boring anyways.

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