After last month’s announcement of the young-hero-centric Outlawed one-shot, it seemed pretty likely that a new series starring Marvel’s team of teen superheroes was to follow. And so it has come to pass that today the publisher has announced, via ScreenRant, a new Champions ongoing series spinning out of Outlawed. The new series will be written by Outlawed scribe Eve L. Ewing, and illustrated by former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers artist Simone Di Meo.

The new series will focus on Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Spider-Man (Miles Morales), and Nova (Sam Alexander), finding the trio at the center of a movement of teen heroes in opposition to a new law meant to limit their activity. The cover to the first issue seems to indicate that Kamala may unmask as part of the team’s stand against the law. The solicitation text for the series also indicates the team will be hunted by a new organization in the Marvel Universe, C.R.A.D.L.E., and that a traitor to the team will also pose a threat.

In an interview with ScreenRant, Ewing indicated that the new status quo established by Outlawed and spilling into Champions will also impact other Marvel U titles:

Alanna Smith came to me with this story idea last summer. I was so into it and we were just talking about it as a cool series that I would do. But after I started working on the pitch, it became clear that there was interest from other creative teams in picking up the story, and that was humbling and cool. So now it’s creeping more toward becoming a complete status quo change for the Marvel Universe, and I’ve connected with a couple of other writers to think about what they’re gonna be doing in other titles. Can’t wait to see where it all goes!

Ewing is no stranger to the younger heroes of the Marvel U, having written the recently-concluded Riri Williams: Ironheart series, as well as a three-issue Marvel Team-Up story starring Ms. Marvel and the Peter Parker Spider-Man. Champions will be Di Meo’s first ongoing work for Marvel; he’s previously illustrated annuals for Venom and Old Man Logan.

Check out some preview images for the new series, including Tony Infante‘s main cover and a variant (featuring Dust, Katie Power, and Squirrel Girl!) by Di Meo, below. No release date is indicated in the ScreenRant piece, but fair guess is that Champions #1 will land in stores in April or May.

Champions #1
Champions #1 Main Cover by Tony Infante
Champions #1
Champions #1 Variant Cover by Simone Di Meo


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