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Jeremy Bastian’s CURSED PIRATE GIRL is one of those comics in periodical format that in an earlier era probably would have gotten a great deal of support as an independent project by a talented cartoonist with a distinctive vision, kinda steampunk, kinda old school illustration. However, in a day and age inhospitable to the serial comic, only three issues have seen print. But now a cast recording is underway, with Stephanie Leonidas in the starring role. Leonidas is best known as the star of MIRRORMASK, the Dave McKean-drected, Neil Gaiman written fantasy film. Making a cast recording for a comic is a bit unusual, and so is the distribution method — it will only be played at various signings in the fall. A quirky promotion for a quirky book.


  1. DANG. I picked up the first issue and liked it, was waiting on the next issue. Which apparently came out ages ago. Along with issue three!? My comic shop must have really dropped the ball on THIS one…

  2. I cannot tell you how much I love this book and the artist, Jeremy Bastian. Seriously – if you haven’t seen it, you MUST. His work is simply stunning.

  3. Are you sure 3 issues saw print? I preordered all three, but Diamond cancelled issue 2 & 3 due to low orders. Was Bastien able to distribute through an alternative channel?

  4. Pretty sure all three did see print, though it’s entirely likely that I bought the last from Jeremy at a show or other. This was one of the best books I read last year and it’s a crime that more people haven’t read it.

    As to the quirkiness of this move, well sure. This isn’t your ordinary book and the last thing I’d expect would be a “traditional” motion comic.

  5. This comic deserves all the attention it can get. Jeremy’s art is amazingly detailed, really good, and a whole lot of fun. People who like Street Angel should like this. It’s sooo different, but it does have some similarities. Get it, people!

  6. I’m saddened to hear that CURSED PIRATE GIRL fell prey to Diamond’s minimums — the strangling in the crib theory vindicated!

  7. It would be a criminal shame if Diamond killed this book. It’s some of the best art in a comic book, ever. It’s drawn and printed at 1:1 scale. The detail is insane.

    The story is intriguing too. Sort of “if Lewis Carroll wrote a pirate tale”.

  8. Diamond may not be distributing the book, but other distributors are. And if you can’t find it at a comic shop, Olympian sells them on their website.

  9. like others, got the first issue, then never saw the book again, or maybe I saw the second, but I can’t recall, but wasn’t sold on it by then.

  10. Hey, guys- thanks for the support! We actually had high orders with Diamond, and I’m sorry that the feedback I’ve received is that some stores have been seriously shorted. The positive side is that Haven Distribution has been completely on top of restocking the title, and have all three in stock (although the third printing of #1 is almost depleted) and the books are also available on our website, olympianpublishing.com for immediate shipment.

    The goal of the audio drama being “event-only” is to get people to leave their house!!! Plus, an antiquated idea for an antiquated book, haha! We hope that the Cursed Pirate Girl events will be lots of fun, plus a way to get young readers involved in the comic world. We’ll be announcing a new actor each week, and hopefully they’ll be some names that have some outside appeal. And on that note, I as surprised that not one of the media sources published today’s press release of the second name: UFC legend Randy Couture!

    Thanks again, guys- Jeremy is a fantastic creator, and we appreciate your help with getting this book out there!

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