As caught on Facebook, Carla Speed McNeil is part of the Gail Simone’ driven LEGEND OF RED SONJA, anthology, which also features Nancy A. Collins.

YEAH, I drew nine pages of RED SONJA! With Devin Grayson writing! Gail Simone made it happen, and it was fun!

Grayson hasn’t been much seen in comics for a while, so it’s great to see her back on a character like Red Sonja. And of course, Carla Speed McNeil is our hero.

No peek at the interiors yet but we can’t wait.


  1. While I wasn’t a fan of her NIGHTWING, Devin Grayson’s one of my favorite Batman writers of all time; GOTHAM KNIGHTS was great. That JLA/Titans thing she did with Phil Jimenez was pretty rad, too.

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