I didn’t get a chance to make a screen cap, but watching last night’s debut of The Late Show Starring Stephen Colbert, I was pleased to see that Captain America’s Shield—presented to him by Joe Quesada in a long ago episode of the Colbert Report—was given a prominent place on the set. Given that Colbert was carrying it when he left The Colbert Report last year, it’s not too surprising, but as I’ve written before, that particular shield has a long history with Marvel Comics and it deserves to be treated with dignity. 

And rest assured, Colbert will treat it right. I don’t watch too much late night TV but watching the evolution from Leno/Letterman to the current crop, it’s gone from mocking nerds

to being a nerd: Conan O’Brien wrote for the Simpsons and went to Comic-Con. Seth Meyers is a legit comics fan and even wrote a Marvel comic. Jimmy Fallon I’m not so sure about (having Salman Rushdie on as a guest does not make you a nerd), but ABC-run Jimmy Kimmel gets called on for the occasional Marvel/Disney guest. And of course, Colbert is a Magic card carrying, dice rolling nerd, quoting Elvish and making jokes about Star Trek episodes. He’s even exploited his nerd-hood by announcing a “Nerd-Off” with JJ Abrams at the Montclair Film Festival. And there is nothing nerdier than a film festival in Montclair, NJ, trust me. 

I don’t know if we’ll see Randall Munro showing up on The Late Show as he did on the Colbert Report, but I get there will be a few surprises once the show gets settled in. And, at least there’s a reason to go to that block of Broadway again.


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