It’s C2E2 and we’re liveblogging the Valiant panel. Get ready to hit refresh.

(And we’ve got plenty of art at the bottom for you to looks at.)

Our cast: Atom Freeman, Robert Venditti, Clayton Henry, Fred Pierce, Hunter Gorinson and The CEO.

Planet Death will be resolving several initial storylines in the next couple of issues.


Above is a battle scene from X-O #13.

In July there’s a new X-O Manowar arc.  The Eternal Warrior appears and he has some history with Aric.  Gilad did have an appearance in #1.  But they can’t say _ precisely_ what the scenario is.

There will now have a ring of spaceship fragments (like Saturn) from destroying the Vine fleet a few issues back.

Next topic: Harbinger Wars

Henry: “Harbinger Wars is hell to draw.”  It’s a big a cast.

Harbinger Wars #2 will reveal the “Harada Protocol” — Bloodshot has some programming about Harada he isn’t aware of.  “suicide nanobots” are mentioned.

#3 will introduce the HARD Corps.

Archer and Armstrong #0 – The Epic of Gilgamesh as told by Armstrong.

Archer, Armstrong and Timewalker journey to the faraway and get their powers.

#10 has Archer and Armstrong returning to the faraway.

Pere Perez will be drawing #10.

Shadowman #0 will be the origin of Master Darque.

It’s a non-superhero book.  It all takes place in an 18th century plantation in New Orleans.


Quantum and Woody comes out in July.


“Two complete idiots get super powers.”

Quantum and Woody will have a QR talking cover.  It’s the above goat and… oh, my.  You just sorta have to see it for yourself.  (If you were in a fraternity, you may have an initiation flashback.)



Harbinger is set up to reveal the backstory/60s origins of Harbinger Wars.


Bloodshot #11 – Bloodshot’s POV on Harbinger Wars #2; Barry Kitson art

Bloodshot 13 cover

Harbinger Wars Battle for Las Vegas, iOS/Android game coming out next week.  Roughly 7 hours of playing time and it’s free.  There will be paid add-on upper levels.

All the Valiant #1’s will be re-released as $1 books next Wednesday.  There’s a $4.95 shrink wrapped bundle.

The FCBD issue will introduce Unity.


Q: Any new characters or original ideas?

A: Harbinger Wars is a spin-off with new characters.  If the next best title is something new, they’ll go with that.  If the next best title is a Valiant IP character, they’ll go with that.  It’s still a staged rollout.  By the end of year two, there will be titles that the original Valiant didn’t publish.

Q: New licensed products?

A:Energy shots; Quarantine Studio will do an X-O Manowar statue.  More that isn’t ready to be announced.

Q: He wants Bad Eggs.

A: Bob Layton’s favorite Valiant title was Bad Eggs.  It’s on the list.

Q:Will there be interactions with the various power structures?

A: In terms of the secret societies?  Yes.  The Vine have shown up in the Vatican archives in Archer & Armstrong, already.  The Quantum and Woody villains will factor into this.

Q: 8-bit shirts?

A: That’s not a bad idea.

Q: Response on the Acclaim creators’ contract disputes?

A: These conversations don’t happen in public.  They’re happy to work with anyone, and they’re working to accommodate people.  They need to do it in private, though.

Q: He misses Solar.  Is that a dead issue?

A: Those were licensed from Classic Media in the first version of Valiant.  Pierce didn’t want those characters involved and thought the Valiant characters were stronger.

Q: Any plans, though?

A: They’re in the process of coming back, “just not from us.”
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