C2E2 is on this weekend and we’re liveblogging the Dark Horse panel.  Get ready to start hitting refresh.

Scott Allie is on the stage and talking about a horror line

New Orleans is a Werewolf Town

Alexi DiCampi doing a grindhouse horror title.

David Lapham on Del Toro’s Strain comic – second arc

Steve Niles – Criminal Macabre will continue this summer, “Eyes of Frankenstein”

Also from Niles, Breath of Bones: Tale of the Golem

BPRD – the next 3 issues destroy Chicago.  Lawrence Campbell is a new artist on the series.  Rafael Albequerque will be the cover artist for awhile.  (Guess he’s resting up for more American Vampire.)

Abe and Liz are back.

New Hellboy graphic novel — Duncan on the OGN because Mignola’s doing Hellboy in Hell.

Hellboy’s 20th anniversary is coming up.  In August, Art ‘n’ Franco (Aw, Yeah) are doing “Hellboy in Hell, Boy.”  Itty Bitty  Hellboy.  Lobster Johnson will have a sidekick — Lobster Smith.

Goon is still monthly (in theory).

Geoff Darrow is back on Shaolin Cowboy.  3 issues in October.

Steve Horton from Amala’s Blade has arrived.  Steampunk swordfighting adventure and another Dark Horse Presents spin-off.  Ghosts interrupt her from “killing people for money.”

Brian Wood – Doesn’t know what issue of Conan is being shown.  The cover is new to him.  An arc where Conan and Belit “take a lot of drugs” and it takes them into the future a little.  Sets up the end of a 25 issue run.

Duane Swierczynski will be writing X.   (From the 90s Dark Horse heroes line.)

Captain Midnight by Josh Williamson in July.  More of a traditional super hero take.

Frank Barbiere will be writing “Blackout.”  Blackout was created by Mike Richardson.  The character acquires a suit that lets him open black holes and move into another dimension.  Some mystery and science fiction, but more of a super hero “discovery” story.

Tim Seeley and Mike Norton will be bringing back “The Occultist.”  “Doctor Strange meets Requiem for a Dream without the embarrassing parts.”

Catalyst written by Joe Casey.  9 issues, a re-imagination of the 90s DH heroes series.

Buzzkill – Donny Cates and Mark Reznicek about an alcoholic super heroes trying to get sober.  There will be a “Brown Hornet” who gets you addicted to heroine.  I suspect Bill Cosby’s lawyers will be getting in touch about that.

Dream Thief – Super hero title by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood.

Matt Fraction’s DH debut is a short story in Dark Horse Presents #25.

Gerard Way’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys is new characters from the world of album.

Halo: Initiation launches in August.

The Massive #13 starts an arc in NYC.

Star Wars #1 has passed 75k copies sold.


Still no word from Disney on Star Wars changes.