Steve here again! Charles Soule joined the Thunderbolts, many future storylines were teased, Stefano Caselli got a new gig, and some big news was announced about the future of Avengers Arena, all at the ‘From NOW! To Infinity’ panel at C2E2.

avengers arena 14 - Main Cover Color

Avengers Arena, the surprisingly excellent series pitting a group of teenage Marvel characters against one another in a deathmatch, will conclude the first ‘season’ later this year. The story arc ‘Boss Level’ will begin with issue 14, in which the remaining characters go head-to-head in a final battle, with all rivalries and storylines coming to a boil. Whilst most of the characters fight one another, it appears a group of heroes will be simultaneously trying to break down Arcade’s door, to stop this from going any further. I’m not sure if this means we’re getting a second season on Avengers Arena further down the line, though…



Charles Soule will be writing Thunderbolts starting with issue 14, and the storyline tying into Marvel’s Infinity event. This will have the Thunderbolts attempt to take advantage of a New York where the heroes have all gone off-planet, and hatch a plan to wipe out all of the New York crime families. But things don’t go to plan! Oh dear. He’ll be joined for the arc by artist Jefte Palo.



Avengers 14-16 will be drawn by Stefano Caselli. There will be prelude issues leading up to Infinity, co-written between Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer. Over in New Avengers, the main storyline being teased was the long-awaited grudge battle between Black Panther and Namor, following Namor’s attack on Wakanda during Avengers Vs X-Men. Dr Doom will also show up in upcoming issues, and the series will also set up the major story that the Inhumans are promised to have later on in the year.


Otherwise, business as usual, a panel mainly keeping people up to date on the various titles. Nova, following Jeph Loeb’s departure, will move into the present, following new Nova Sam Alexander as he grows into the role and travels round America. Meanwhile Kieron Gillen teased the future appearance of Prodigy in Young Avengers, whilst Rick Remender talked about Uncanny Avengers – and teased a follow-up fight between Sentry and Thor.