Brian Truitt has done it again! The Ultimate American reports that this September, writer Kurtis J. Wiebe and artist Roc Upchurch will being a new series for Image called Rat Queens. Described as a love letter to his last 20 years of Dungeons and Dragons, the series will see an elf, a cleric, a dwarf and a hobbit go out questing. And conveniently enough, here are those four characters on the cover to issue #1!



The characters, co-created with Meg Dejmal, will all take small potshots at the fantasy genre – but loving ones. Says Wiebe:

I’m aware of how the fantasy genre can crumple under its own weight, especially with the presence of all powerful wizards. I’m always reminded of the ending to the Lord of the Rings movies, when the eagles swoop in last minute to save Frodo and Sam from certain death. I sat there thinking, ‘Couldn’t the eagles have taken the ring and just done a fly-by bomb run into Mount Doom?’

I believe there’s some official response from the Tolkien estate saying that eagles are noble and don’t like having people on their backs, but still. Rat Queens will begin in September, and looks like it might make an excellent stablemate for Skullkickers.

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