ICv2 has a definitive business round-up of C2E2, the Chicago based show that just wrapped it’s sixth year. And it’s still growing:

Reed Exhibitions division ReedPOP has now achieved six consecutive years of growth with C2E2, its show at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Event Director Mike Armstrong told ICv2 that although numbers are still being tabulated, it looks like the 2015 show generated “at least” a 12% increase in attendance over last year, when the final number was around 62,900 (see “Fensterman Interview:  C2E2 Gender Mix Shifting”).  That would put the show attendance at over 70,000 uniques, an impressive accumulation of geeks, although it can seemed dwarfed at times by the sheer massiveness of the convention center, the largest in the U.S., where even a show the size of C2E2 occupies only one of several buildings.

Of major comic publishers, Marvel, Image, and Valiant were there, which feels like a smaller roster than we’ve seen in the past.  DC’s busy moving, but some others have cut back, at least relative to the burgeoning number of shows.

ICv2 also reports on a very mini kerfuffle over a “Sex Criminals” badge which someone found unwelcoming, but ReedPOP suggested that as a NY Times bestseller and Time notable book, it was suitable for the crowd.

The above photo, I’m guessing by Milton Griepp, does confirm our own mental picture of the show: it would take millions of people to make the Jötunheimr-scaled McCormack Place look crowded, so gangs of people to see Jason Momoa and Babs Tarr alongside empty most shrouded concrete vales.

But see next post.


  1. The “Sex Criminals” badge was part of the larger “Image covers” theme used for all badges.
    (Kids got “HowToons”, Press was “Wicked + Divine” (HA!))

    The Friday professional badge was the pink “Sex Criminals” cover with the black silhouette.
    I believe the image was cropped from the waist up.

    As for “it would take millions of people to make the Jötunheimr-scaled McCormick Place”… I calculated 1.2 Million could fit over a four-day show.

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