Sunday-PM-3-Crown-Championships-of-CosplayReedPOP stages fan events around the world, and almost every one has a cosplay contest.

Those regional winners are then flown to Chicago, to participate in the Crown Championship of Cosplay finals at C2E2.

C2E2 2016 - Cosplay Friday Floor
The finalists

Who won?  Here’s the PR:

ReedPOP Names Winner of C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay Competition

March 20, 2016

In Front of a Packed Room, Australia Major Sam Cosplay Takes Home Crown During Final Stop of 2016 Global Championships of Cosplay


CHICAGO – March 20, 2016 – In front of a packed crowd of super fans, cosplay enthusiasts and celebrity judges on Saturday night, ReedPOP, the world’s leading producer of pop culture events, named the winner of the 2016 C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay, the final stop of the 2016 Global Championships of Cosplay competition circuit. Australian Major Sam Cosplay dressed as Julieta Necromancer wowed the audience and judges as she claimed the top prize. Runner-ups Andres Bauer from Austria (dressed as Wheeljack) and Missouri native SKS Props (dressed as Warcraft Orc) split $10,000 in cash and prizes with the winner. For the first time, the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay featured regional cosplay champions from around the world with contestants representing the United States, Australia, China, Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, India, France and more.

Thousands of C2E2 fans watched in person while others from around the world tuned in via the official C2E2 Livestream to cheer on their favorite cosplayers as they vied for the Crown. The 38 competitors battled in front of celebrity judges – Ann Foley (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Leri Greer (Mad Max: Fury Road), Stephanie Maslansky (Daredevil, Jessica Jones) and Yaya Han (King of the Nerds). It was a fun-filled competition that celebrated and showcased the spectacle, pageantry, skill and determination of the best cosplayers in the world.

“This was an amazing event and it was really fantastic to have all of our international winners from this past year compete against one another at C2E2,” said Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ReedPOP. “As cosplay continues to become more mainstream and global, this competition really brought out the best of the best and showcased some outstanding costumes to fans at C2E2 and through our livestream.”

For more information on the 2016-17 Global Championships of Cosplay series, you can visit:

ReedPOP hasn’t posted the video yet from the livestream, but there’s fan video:

You can also watch the “pregame” videos over on ReedPOP’s YouTube channel!

Congrats to all who participated! There’s a lot of hard work and labors of love in every costume!

Here are photos, supplied by ReedPOP. Click to enlarge!

C2E2 2016 - Cosplay Friday Floor
The champion! Australian Major Sam Cosplay
C2E2 2016 - Cosplay Friday Floor
The champion, on stage!
C2E2 2016 - Cosplay Friday Floor
Second Place: Andres Bauer
C2E2 2016 - Cosplay Friday Floor
Third Place:  SKS Props



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