At today’s C2E2 retailer panel, Marvel revealed details of their next big summer event. Absolute Carnage will be written by Donny Cates, drawn by Ryan Stegman, and colored by Frank Martin. The storyline will follow a resurrected Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, as he hunts down every character in the Marvel Universe who has ever worn a symbiote, which is basically all of them.
The announcement came via a video featuring Cates talking about the project. Marvel has shared the video via Twitter:

The storyline, according to Cates, officially kicks off with Marvel’s Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book Day offering, though its roots go back throughout the entire history of symbiotes in the Marvel U, all the way back to the first appearance of Spidey’s black costume in Amazing Spider-Man #252. The event was first teased by Marvel when the publisher released one of their patented ‘enigmatic images’ late last month:
Everyone Is A Target teaser art by Greg Land
Cates and Stegman have been planting seeds for the event throughout their run on Venom, with the introduction of Null, the god of symbiotes, and revelations about the true nature of the creatures. The Web of Venom: Carnage Born one-shot featured the resurrection of Kasady, his bonding with the damaged Null symbiote, and the beginning of his mission to retrieve ‘codexes’ left behind on previous symbiote-wearers, which can be used to repair the damage to Null.
Check out the new preview image for the spine-cracking event below, and pick up the Spider-Man/Venom FCBD issue for the beginning of the Absolute Carnage storyline.


  1. Like Venom? Not really, no. Like Carnage? If I don’t like Venom, why would I like Carnage? Sigh. Another event so soon after WotR (yes, I know Marvel views Spider-Man and X-Men events differently from their general events. Still annoying).

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