If you can’t get enough of Eddie Brock and his symbiote, then this upcoming Marvel event has your name written all over it. On Wednesday, Marvel released a carnage-filled teaser image illustrated by Greg Land with an ominous statement: Everyone Is A Target.

When Marvel says everyone, we’re pretty sure they mean it. The teaser image shows Venom bearing down on Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, the Hulk and Spider-Man. Carnage surrounds these heroes as they reach toward the sky for help that clearly isn’t coming. The question is: how did they get there?

According to current Venom writer Donny Cates, this will be “the biggest Venom event of all time.” Cates tweeted this brief but intriguing teaser on Feb. 23, after fans expressed worry about his current run with Ryan Stegman taking a three-month hiatus after issue #12. As reported by Newsarama, Cates and Stegman will resume work on Venom in July after the War of the Realms tie-in event has concluded.

In the interim, Land will illustrate the five-issue Symbiote Spider-Man mini-series, written by Peter David, which launches in April.

Take a look at Land’s Everyone Is A Target teaser below and stay tuned for more details.

Everyone Is A Target teaser art by Greg Land


  1. so after a couple of (that seemed to go by much too quickly) years of no title spanning events, we’re back to one event after the other (war of the realms, then venom infects everyone). then after venom, what’s next, and next after that? really hope marvel doesn’t back into that rut. maybe marvel should promise no title spanning crossover stories for five, maybe seven years, so that when they bring back these kind of events, it will actually feel like an event.

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