After months of speculation that he would be departing, Axel Alonso has indeed ended his run as Editor in Chief at Marvel.

And his replacement is a bit of a surprise: CB. Cebulski, a longtime Marvel mainstay who has worked in many capacities at the company. Most recently he had moved to Shanghai to work on Disney related projects.

According to the NY Times, which broke the story:

“It’s crazy. It’s an honor. I’m blown away by the opportunity,” Mr. Cebulski said in a telephone interview from his home in Shanghai. He said he wants to foster talent at each step of creating a comic. “We always hear about the writers and artists, but people forget the inkers and the colorists and the letters,” he said. “Each of them is an artist in their own right.”

After a stint as a translator and a freelance writer, Mr. Cebulski joined Marvel full time in 2002 as an associate editor. In 2011, he became the vice president of international brand management for the company. In his new role, Mr. Cebulski will be responsible for the editorial and creative side of Marvel’s publishing division. His duties will include recruiting new talent and helping shape the ongoing sagas of the company’s heroes.

Cebulski brings a strong knowledge of foreign comics to the role – in the past he worked for manga publishers and brought a line of European comics to Marvel.

Breaking news. We’ll have more analysis soon.


  1. Why is David Gabriel still there? He’s the one who was trying to throw minorities under the bus for the poor sales.

  2. “Why is David Gabriel still there? He’s the one who was trying to throw minorities under the bus for the poor sales.”

    No he wasn’t.

  3. So now Axel can go create his own comic book line dedicated to variant covers, gimmicks, and the philosophy of Killer Mike, and leave the rest of us all ALONE, please… We couldn’t of had the amount of pretentiousness passive-aggressive smug bigotry like yours Alonso (sure we can, just go find a Millennial in this fake country), …great example of that former EiC Alonso, had the nerve to say that people with red hair are gay, so that is why the Rawhide kid was made gay (Wow, your a bigot Alonso, against people with red hair, and for trying to stereotype homosexuals >see first ten min of YouTube: Editor Of Marvel Comics Talks Hip Hop Variants & Comic Book Culture, good riddance Alonso)…

    When will Marvel COMICS return??? I know CB Cebulski is pretty much a living encyclopedia of some serious minute details regarding the history and continuity Marvel’s character-based assets. Besides that, what? Marvel will still be basing their decisions on what their Marketing and Merchandise departments need, as well?

    Since Bendis is out, perhaps Cebulski can rebuild the Icon imprint to compete w/Image and gain some share of the indi market???? Uh oh, i used the word “compete”, …do we do that any more in the former-USA???

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