Fans of Marvel’s weekly series Avengers: No Surrender will have something more to look forward to in its follow-up, Avengers: No Road Home. Conan will enter the Marvel Universe in No Road Home #6, in the midst of Scarlet Witch entering the Hyborian Age and the Avengers preparing for a fight against the Queen of the Night.

Little is known about Conan’s ulterior motives, if there are any, or if the Barbarian will clash with the Avengers before setting the record straight on whose side he’s on. Then again, superheroes have a slight inclination to introducing themselves by punching each other in the face. So don’t be surprised if Conan fights a beloved Marvel character or two before hugging it out.

Conan has proven he can crossover quite easily with other licenses in the past, most recently with Wonder Woman in Gail Simone’s excellent Wonder Woman/Conan limited series, in which both characters approach their legends as a burden they have to embrace even in the face of mounting resentments.

Marvel has been no stranger to Conan wreaking barbarian havoc in Universe-616, though. Conan was part of Marvel’s Atlantis Attacks crossover event, where he confronts a powerful sorcerer that holds an artifact of the end-of-the-world type. He also appeared in several What if stories. One contemplates the character’s identity if he had walked the Earth in modern times (written by Rob Thomas and illustrated by John Buscema), while another sees him locked in battle with Thor (written by Alan Zelenets and illustrated by Ron Wilson). He also fought Wolverine in another What if story, written by Glenn Herdling and illustrated by Gary Kwapisz.

Of course the question is whether Conan will stay as part of the main continuity or if his appearance is only in a ‘guest-starring’ capacity. It’s a case similar to that of Angela, acquired by Marvel after a legal dispute between Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman resulted in the angel warrior becoming a part of Marvel lore. She was brought in during the Age of Ultron event, revealed to be the long lost sister of Thor and Loki, and eventually made a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. She is currently a part of the Asgardians of the Galaxy, although her presence in the Marvel universe has been limited.

With Jason Aaron penning the new Conan comic and a battle with Thor already in the history books, it’s not hard to imagine Conan’s stay in the Marvel universe could be longer. And don’t forget Wolverine’s return could be set the stage for a rematch. For now, here’s the official PR for Avengers: No Road Home #6 and a look at the cover, featuring Conan the Barbarian teaming up with Scarlet Witch.

“Universes Collide!

Conan Enters The Marvel Universe in AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME! “

“The all-new weekly Avengers event continues in March with an epic story from Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and Jim Zub, with art by Sean Izaakse and Paco Medina – and the famed barbarian himself is slashing his way into the Marvel Universe in AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME!

It all starts when The Scarlet Witch enters the Hyborian Age, and continues when the Avengers take their fight to the Queen of the Night! And while Conan and the Avengers will fight together, the question remains…whose side is Conan really on?

It’s an action-filled, jam-packed story that you won’t want to miss, and it all starts in AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME #6 – when the Marvel Universe will be forever changed, by Crom!”





On Sale 3/20/19


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