YA author Kiersten White has already carved out her own corner of the Buffyverse with her novel Slayer. Set in the Joss Whedon-created world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, the novel introduced a new Slayer, Nina, as she learned to handle her abilities and the foes she’ll face along the way. Now Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Nina’s story is set to continue next year with the debut of White’s next novel, Chosen. Along with a cover reveal for the new Simon & Schuster-published novel, EW also has an excerpt from the beginning of the book.

Both Slayer and Chosen are firmly set in the original Buffy continuity (not to be confused with that of the recent Boom! Studios reboot). Nina also has a personal connection to Buffy, with her father having served as a Watcher during Buffy’s time as the sole Slayer. Nina’s background as part of a family of Watchers adds a lot of depth to the character’s connection to the story fans already know, and allows for bringing in more obscure parts of the lore that might not otherwise show up. Still, the excerpt reads like a classic Buffy story, with a young slayer trying to balance the different aspects of her life and deal with the abilities and responsibility that have been thrust upon her against her will.

Check out the book’s cover below, and read an excerpt that teases a new threat for the young slayer over at EW.com. Kiersten White’s Chosen is set for release in January 2020.

Cover for CHOSEN, the latest Buffyverse novel