Another day, another option, but this one is a bit different — this time the comics creator himself has been tapped to write the script. Ed Brubaker is writing a script for a COWARD movie based on the first arc of his CRIMINAL series, says Variety. David Slade (TWILIGHT, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT) is attached to direct for Jamie Patricof’s Hunting Lane Films.

The first in a series of six interconnected stories, “Coward” centers on Leo, a master thief and heist planner who lives in a world of hustlers, crooked cops, pickpockets and lowlifes. A sequel to “Coward” is in the works, and Hunting Lane has first option on the second in the series, Brubaker told Variety.

“If Ryan Gosling hadn’t already been in ‘Drive,’ he’d be perfect (for the role of Leo),” Brubaker told Variety. “It’s a good role for any actor; about a guy who’s afraid to do things because of what’s inside of him. It’s a heist story, partly — it’s a lot of different crime stories wrapped in one, but heist stories are always exciting if they’re pulled off correctly.”

Slade is also attached to the Daredevil movie reboot, making him a bit of a comics-to-film expert.

Brubaker collaborated with artist Sean Phillips for CRIMINAL as well as such past successes as INCOGNITO and SLEEPER and they just announced a new book, FATALE, which will be published at Image. INCOGNITO is in development at Fox.


  1. I bet right now Ed Brubaker and Ben McCool are laying together naked, giggling, tickling, and rolling around in a big feather bed covered in Hollywood money!