Reckless, the first book of a series of graphic novels from acclaimed crime comics duo Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, came out in December of last year, and while the second book in the series, Friend of the Devil, doesn’t hit stores until next month, the creative team is already looking ahead to what’s next in the series. In his newsletter today, Brubaker revealed the full cover art for the third book in the Reckless series, Destroy All Monsters.

Brubaker Destroy All Monsters

Along with the Destroy All Monsters cover art, Brubaker revealed that the Reckless series will be continuing for two more books before he and Phillips take a break to work on other projects:

Our original plan was to do the first three books in the series, then take a break and do something else and then come back for more Reckless adventures, but then I had ideas for two more… so we’ll be doing five of these in a row unless something goes wrong.

The Reckless series follows Ethan Reckless, a character Brubaker described in an interview with The Beat as “a criminal with a sense of justice.” Each book in the series tells a complete story, with characters and threads that carry over between the books.

Brubaker and Phillips first teamed in 1999 with Scene of the Crime, with Michael Lark. The duo has since worked together on numerous different creator-owned series including CriminalFatale, and The Fade Out. Newly-reprinted deluxe editions of Criminal, with new cover art by Phillips, are also due out later this year.

Friends of the Devil arrives in comic shops on April 28th, and in bookstores and wide release on May 4th. Look for Destroy All Monsters later in 2021.