We have hundreds of images from Toy Far to sort through, but we’ll just start out with a few highlights. Over at Kotobukiya, even the dolls were representing the Brokeback!
Variant Ms. Marvels demonstrate the Brokeback chorus line!

A video game character also gets in the fun.

Black Widow did not want to be left out!

The Black Cat and Mystique try a different way to get attention.


To be fair, Spidey isn’t really being very modest either.


  1. Yeah… that Spiderman statue… at that angle looks rather odd. Granted the human body does and can contort like that but it seems like an odd moment in time to capture.

    The brokeback pose (also quite doable depending on the body type) has been done to the infinite degree in Japanese toys / figures. At this point I see it as a symbolic pose rather than a anatomical pose. It’s fantasy, which has always had a whiff of sexuality, nuff said.

    Heidi is lucky to hit the Toy Fair every year. If it was in my range I’d be a poor and broke fool going to that show.

  2. I don’t mind the brokeback pose (for precisely the reasons Jimmie outlines above), but that Spider-Man statue looks like a chewed piece of gum. Literally.

  3. “At this point I see it as a symbolic pose rather than a anatomical pose. It’s fantasy, which has always had a whiff of sexuality, nuff said.”

    A whiff? It’s full on halitosis!

  4. I’ve been out of the toy scene for a while, but I seem to remember Kotobukiya as specializing in statues of women in sexually suggestive, if impossible, poses. (I think it was them…but maybe they picked up the mantle from someone else?)

    Anyway, this stuff is what it is. For people who like this stuff, they have something to buy and enjoy. I can’t see judging this stuff because I don’t believe any man realistically expects women to bend like that. If there are men who expect that, my guess is they’re pretty lonely.

  5. @Chris Hero – yeah, as I noted above the Japanese have mastered the extreme forms in their figures to the nth degree. That said (as you said) it is what it is, also there is no one-size-fits-all Brokeback pose which many artists over the years have warped to fit their styles, et.

    I will give the Japanese credit on that they seem to know the line between fantasy and reality in their figures. The anatomy in the majority of their lines are similar and rarely crosses into the realm of *real* anatomy. Whereas, in the states a statue of Black Widow can look either (or both) realistic or cartoony. In my opinion, often the blending of the two is what raises eyebrows.

  6. Jeez, this is sad. When did superheroes get so sleazy? You know, there is such a thing as being sexy without being sleazy. That Mystique looks horrible, and the Black Widow on the right doesn’t look much better.

  7. Hey @Jimmie Robinson

    I think you raised a *really* good point. As long as the drawing/statue/whatever aren’t trying to blend fantasy with real anatomy, what’s the harm with some cheesecake fun?

    And yeah…I think the combination of reality and fantasy is a bit disturbing, so I can totally see calling out artists perpetuating that as the bullshit it is.

  8. @Torsten – I didn’t even have to Google those names / links, hahah! I know them (and other pieces) well enough.

    Yeah, the Japanese really know how to go out on a limb with their toys / figures — and I say that with the utmost respect. I push the boundaries in my book as well, but l get away with it because my style is a bit cartoony; I’m not trying to be anatomically-correct. Nonetheless, I’m just a noob schoolboy compared to the outlandish stuff many Japanese titles / figures pull off.

    I appreciate art in all forms.

  9. @Jimmie

    I was going to make a comment earlier, then thought better of it, then just now thought Hell with it….

    I haven’t read your book yet because cheesecake isn’t my cup of tea. That being said, it’s always seemed to me your style has always been the good kind of cheesecake fun. Like, it’s not super realistic or Greg Land-style superheroines as porn stars. It’s more like…I dunno, honest about what it is, yet fun and not objectionable.

    I hope that didn’t sound bad or anything. I’m trying to say you seem to do it well.

  10. @Chris Hero – thanks. I appreciate the kind words. And yeah… my style is not hyper-realistic, it is stylized and it helps me get away with my dark humor / satire on chessecake and comics.

    And no worries about not reading my current book, it’s niche title and I make no bones about that. But Heidi has known me for a *long* time and she knows this is not my *main* style of work, but for many folks this is all they know me for.

    That said (to keep on topic) I would love to get a figure of my character made. I look at some of the NY’s Toy Fair figures and think, “it’s not much different than my character”, haha! A crazy brokeback porn pose would work better with a villain than the so-called good guy / heroines that are often featured. It’s almost oxymoronic.

    But as you said, it is what it is. Hah!