It seems so! Marvel have released another one of their one-word teasers today, although this one is less of a word and more of an initialism. This April, Marvel will be releasing what appears to be an X-Men book, written by Brian Wood and drawn by Oliver Coipel.


XX obviously refers to the female chromosome, which means this’ll likely be a book starring mainly women – given that the female members of the X-Men have always been better than the male members, that’s a smart move. It’s hard to tell who could appear in the book besides Pixie, however, as most of the main female characters are currently being used.

Pixie is guaranteed, as far as I’m concerned – Wood has already hinted that he’s not done with the character yet, as I’ve mentioned before. Other prominent but unused X-Women ready for this series could possibly include Rachel Grey and Armor. A lot may depend on how much longer X-Treme X-Men and X-Factor are with us, as they have a lot of strong female characters Wood might be interested in but also look to be possibly wrapping up their current runs. With the ‘XX’ term, this seems also likely to be a continuation of Wood’s run on adjectiveless X-Men last year, which was a spy series based around scientific issues and ideas.

Whatever it is, it’s aimed squarely at a market of me, so I’m very excited myself!


  1. SHUT UP.

    (I think I read somewhere that Sam Humphries had wanted to use Jubiliee, but another creator had a better idea for her. Could this be the project he was referring to?)

  2. How long before sales drop and they resort to XXX? Uncanny XXX? Dare I say even Extreme XXX?

    Silly but true.

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