In a late night report, Deadline comes through with a doozy: Brian Bendis isn’t quite done with the Marvel Universe yet, as 20th Century Fox has enlisted him to craft a screenplay for what they’re calling a top secret project. The three big details known at this time are:

  1. It’s a film that’s going to be directed by Deadpool helmer Tim Miller
  2. It’s set in the X-Men universe
  3. It has a working title of “143”

Now, taken with the earlier scoop from Collider that Miller was set to direct a Kitty Pryde feature for the studio, it stands to reason this is probably the same effort, barring some sea change in the past few weeks.

Additionally, “143” has a special connotation to that character:

The basic premise, for those whose memories are bad as mine: Kitty Pryde is left in the X-Mansion alone on Christmas and has to fend off the N’Garai demon. It’s a stand-out Claremont/Byrne issue, which is really saying something. It’s also one of the very first comics I ever owned as a wee little one.

A home invasion/superhero film? Not a bad take for a stand-alone feature. One can only hope Ellen Page finally gets her time to shine in the role if that’s the direction this ends up going.

Bendis, who just famously signed on with DC Comics, is obviously no stranger to the X-Men, having recently completed a lengthy run with the characters, bringing the teenage versions of the founding members forward into the present.

This is off to a very intriguing start.


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