Because if there’s anything the X-Men haven’t seen anything of, it’s trial and judgement. Yesterday saw two teasers emerge from Marvel, as we start to line up crosshairs on New York Comic-Con. With both featuring Brian Michael Bendis as the writer, and Stuart Immonen and Sara Pichelli as artists, this is going to be something to do with those X-Men folks.

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11am on Friday 11th October is the timing for the X-Men panel at NYCC, you see – which I’m going to be at, hopefully, barking out all kinds of questions about important X-Men figures like Skids, Black Tom Cassidy, Threnody and Mammomax.

Most likely? This is going to be about Jean Grey, because she’s the central character of Bendis’ books so far.

Why is there a number #1 in the background of both teasers? Lord knows.


  1. The artists mentioned are those of All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy, books which Bendis has said would cross paths, so I think I might know where this could be going.

    Not sure about the big 1s, but I hope that will just be an intro special like Battle of the Atom has, and the ongoings will remain ongoing with their nicely regular artists.

  2. Has the young Jean Grey found out what she does as Dark Phoenix yet, or is that sort of information being kept from her?


  3. Synsidar

    she knows everything about her future (or past if you prefer). It’s why she is so resolute to stay in the present, she doesn’t wanna die twice and kill millions of beings.
    Anyway, if this is Guardian of the Galaxy related couldn’t the trial/judgement be about Wolverine breaking the universe in Age of Ultron?

  4. Beast wisely decided to let Jean look into his mind and find out everything possible about her future, because that is of course ALWAYS the smartest thing in time travel stories.

    Raggedt, Marvel have talked about all the time travel on Earth making the rest of the galaxy worried, so if the Guardians are involved, it almost has to be about that.

  5. The “1” probably refers to the fact that this (and other titles being teased) are part of the New Now, and are new series.

    @Niels The Guardians? Don’t tell me that the recent “continuity tear” which sent Galactus to the Ultimate universe and Angela to wherever also brought along the Guardians of the Universe?! Maybe they’ll contain her in a new lantern with a new color and emotion? Probably octarine…

  6. I think the trial is one that is faced by the buying public. Their power of judgment is being questioned; WILL YOU SUPPORT YET ANOTHER CROSSOVER EVENT? IF WE START YET ANOTHER X-MEN LINE, WILL YOU PURCHASE IT?
    O True Believers! What will you do?!

  7. Because it’s Bend is, I expe t to see a lot of spandex-wearing superheroes talking about trials and judgments, with not much actually being done. Additionally, when the X-men meet the GotG for first time, characters will act like they never knew each other existed and a younger character will marvel at a more powerful character. There will be much conversation about a talking raccoon,and we might actually even read someone say “Oh snap! That raccoon talks!”

    Silly but True

  8. I’ve been kind of enjoying Battle of the Atom. The character interactions are entertaining if nothing else. Only problem I’m having is that the storyline is contradicting time travel rules established in like part 1 of this very same storyline.

    In short it’s got kind of confusing as super-hero time travel stuff tends to get.

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