Brian Heater, the man behind the much missed Daily Cross Hatch indie comics site, keeps himself busy these days with many projects, including a regular podcast via Boing Boing called RiYL (Recommended if You Like). The podcast celebrates it’s 100th episode this week with They Might Be Giants, perhaps the most podcast-iest podcast guests imaginable, but along the way Heater has talked to many comics folks, and he’s supplied a cheat sheet to listen to you favorites. Heater knows his stuff and is an excellent interviewer so all of these are RECOMMENDED if you like good conversation!

Roz Chast
Scott McCloud
Jim Woodring
Francoise Mouly
Jillian Tamaki
John Porcellino
Peter Kuper
James Kochalka
Paul Hornschemeier
Box Brown
Molly Crabapple
Karen Green
Peter Bagge
Paul Pope
Leslie Stein
Kim Deitch
Lisa Hanawalt
Nicole Georges
Ellen Forney
Julia Wertz
Shannon Wheeler
Art Spiegelman