Youthful veteran star, 18-year-old Asa Butterfield has been tapped to play Spider-Man in the MCU/Sonyverse, according to Latino Review.

Spidey’s role in the MCU is not yet known but he’ll probably appear in Captain America; Civil War because everyone else is, as well.

Butterfield previously starred in Hugo and Ender’s Game so not only have we been watching this special young man grow up before our eyes in the cinema, he knows the score on appearing as a beloved literary character. He’s also a fine actor, and the second Brit in a row to play Queens born Peter Parker, following the similarly well-coifed Andrew Garfield.

This new version of Peter Parker is going back to his teen roots, with a youthful exuberance and demeanor, we’re told. Hopefully there will not be an origin story, but the Civil War debut would remove the need for spiders, labs, experiments, oh no, etc.





  1. yeah! because 3rd times a charm right! this will fail…you had it right the first time…then ya fukt up! i wouldn’t watch this if it meant a blow job in the theater…


  3. @Max Truth I only half agree. The first movie was alright, the second movie was great. But Tobey Macquire as Spider-man was a very s***t choice. Andrew Garfield was much better as SM. I think TM was good a Peter, but AG was better as Spider-man. Also the third spider-man movie was a colossal turd.

    @Matt you do realize the MCU is loosely based on the comics? I read the Civil War comics recently, and there’s just no way it can be adapted even remotely accurate. there’s way too many super heroes, a lot of which Marvel don’t own the rights to. And honestly I think the MCU will do the civil war, in terms of interest, better. the comic version was boring as s*** to me

  4. Uh, chill out, Matt. The cinematic universe doesn’t have to, and certainly hasn’t, been a mirror of the comic books.
    Having him be younger may work out well as it makes it more believable that he’d be impressionable where both Cap and Stark are trying to either mentor him or take him under their wing.

    Also, in the comics, Spidey is just now getting his child through all the Secret Wars/Battleworld events, as in normal continuity back after they killed off Ben Reilly, MJ “lost” the baby (alluded to being kidnapped, and never seen or heard about again until recently in One More Day when Mephisto made certain revelations known, which were then retconned).
    Capslock isn’t your friend. Get your facts straight and stop being so narrow-minded.

  5. this is so WRONG on so many levels. Enter the “Spider-Kid”. Thanks for ruining one of my favorite characters, Sony you have proved yourself a disappointment once more.

  6. Finally, a choice I can see the logic behind. Never had a big problem with the others but this one kinda makes spider sense.

  7. Seriously! do we need another interpretation of Spider-Man in high-school?? two is more than enough! Please stop ruining this character.

  8. He must have nailed the audition. Now hopefully they’ll give him a script that works. We’ve had enough Spiderman films that stunk.

  9. What is wrong with all of you? They will eventually remake the Spider-Man movies for a 4th time in 2028. That’s when the movies will be awesome.

  10. Can’t wait until 2029 when they reboot the Spider-Man franchise for a 4th time! That’s when it will be awesome! Jennifer Lawrence plays Peter Parker’s grandmother.

  11. I have been a fringe comic book reader since civil war. I was so pumped for that storyline, but it fell flat for me. It was interesting watching which heroes took which side, but ultimately i thought i was let down. I bought every issue related to civil war and i felt ripped off like it never really amounted to anything as epic as i thought it was. Im sure movies will be better. Definitely not thrilled to see another spiderman and i did think Garfield was better. First two were the best and all the rest were avg. if i have to see the origin story again ill puke

  12. Crap.
    Why are these producers obsessed with the idea that spider-man has to be a teeny-bopper? Are they tuned into anything? Anything at all?
    We don’t need to see a little kiddy version of Spidey. The character works just fine as a YA. Always has. Spidey’s appeal isn’t based on how much high school kids can relate to him, it’s everything else about the character. And now we have a fifth grader playing the role.

  13. I love Spider-Man and have since I was a small child. I am willing to give this kid a chance and see what he does with the character. If anything needs a re-boot it would be the G.I. Joe franchise! But I think what would serve G.I. Joe well would be to have Marvel Studios make the movies or a live action T.V. show. Or bring them in into the Marvel movies… Oh wait- we were talking about Spider-Man… I wait and see before I make a judgment on the kid.

  14. Ok, they never said that he was playing Peter Parker, only the part of Spiderman. Could be a re-imagining of the origins of him, or even an alternate reality Spiderman. He could also be young in order to draw sympathy if they decide to kill him or a family member off after he announces his secret identity.

  15. was hopine they’g go with someone a bit older because they mentioned that the spidey in the cw movie was suppose already be a vigilante veterian but oh well, but two other things, one what movies has he done and two what’s with his name

  16. Great so now they’re going to make a movie that appeals to little kids, and call him Spiderboy. Asa may be 18, but he looks like he’s 12. Horrible casting selection. They constantly forget they are not making movies, just to appeal to comic fans. The general public will look at this, and immediately think it’s a kids movie. So you basically just cut out 1/2 of your audience. This is also the problem i have with Superman vs. Batman, it’s a comic book fan movie, and no one else will get it.

  17. Yeah, I won’t be watching another reboot of Spider-man any time soon. The Amazing Spider-man sucked and I didn’t even bother with the second one. They just want to attract the teenage girl audience. For those wondering about his age for Civil War, Marvel fanboys will probably say that it’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe; so they don’t have to go by the comics. lmao.

  18. I dunno, I think that in the context of a movie version of the civil war concept having a teen spider-man could be really interesting. Lot’s of dynamics at play there. You already have this idea of powered humans having to choose between signing on or being an outlaw but then you take these new laws and ask how they apply to a non-adult and also , on top of the confusion you already have as a teenager you get the pressure to make such a big choice… on top of all that it’s SPIDER-MAN !!! Who’s a total bad*ss at any age.

  19. Just so everyone knows, the actor is actually 18 so he is not a child, and is starting to lose that appearance a bit.

  20. So first of all Asa Butterfield is a really great actor so have some faith that, out of all the actors they tried out for the part, he was the best choice for Marvels adaptation. Secondly, this IS Marvel’s adaptation, not Sony’s. So if the new Spidey movies suck then it’s Marvel that has let us down for once, not Sony this time. Thirdly, after 11 years you would think people would have faith that Marvel knows what it is doing. They have a plan for everything guys. They had a plan since Avengers 1 of what if the MCU had Spidey to play with and a plan without him. The are revamping him into their universe WITHOUT an origin story (since some people here seem to not know/care about that fact) and they are making him this young to throw in a whole new dynamic into the Avengers and I for one find it to be a very interesting choice and can’t wait to find out what they have in store for us. I’m choosing to see this as a whole new experience and if you can’t get on board with what they are trying to do then you don’t have to see it. At the very least it will be cool to see Spidey finally help out in the Avengers movies.

  21. I hereby invoke the Keaton-Craig Rule:
    You may not comment about the casting of any actor in a role until you have seen the movie.

    So he’s the teen sidekick of the Avengers? Since Rick Jones isn’t available?
    Spider-Man: Web Warriors gives an idea of how the dynamic will work.
    (Quite well, since it’s finishing up season 3! SMASH/Spider-Man/Avengers crossover! wooHOO!)

    [snark] Yeah, the MCU Thor really sucks that he isn’t a cripple, and doesn’t turn human when he’s away from his hammer for more than a minute. And what’s this with making Jane Foster a brilliant astrophysicist? She’s a nurse!
    And the Avengers movies really sucked without the Wasp and Ant-Man. Scarlet Widow and Hawkeye shouldn’t have appeared until the end of the second film.
    And don’t get me started on Guardians of the Galaxy! Where was Vance Astro! [/snark]

    According to the deal, Marvel gets to use Spidey in their movies, and Sony gets no money.
    Sony gets to use Spidey in their movies, and Marvel gets not money.
    Marvel is working with Sony regarding storylines and continuity.

  22. I’ve never heard of Asa Butterfield, and I have no interest in more movies about Peter Parker in high school — where Marvel plans to keep him for several movies, presumably until Butterfield is too old to convincingly play a teenager. Then they’ll replace him with another kid.

  23. I have to say, with Marvel once more going into the well of High School Peter Parker; where now heading in to what Atop the Fourth Wall has stated about Spider-Man; their repetive on reminding the audience that Peter cannot Grow-Up and actually accept his “With Great Power, Come Great Responsiblity” cause where’s the responsibity that Peter should have moved onto after Gwen’s death after ASM2, or even allowing him and MJW to reconcile after SM3.

    Nope, not going to happen, just repeat and remind everyone: Peter Parker is suppose to be told his lession by Uncle Ben, and have him fight another villain; while juggling high school bullying and swooning over either MJW or GS. That’s what appears to be the interesting thing with Spider-Man [not maturing as a character]; and this is now Sony’s second “One More Day” for the Cinematic venture too.

  24. Yeah, right. Anyone I’ve ever met that complained about a casting choice for a superhero movie and said they wouldn’t go ended up going within the first few days it came out — if not the first night. And if you wouldn’t go even if you’d get a blowjob, you must be used to awful blowjobs.

  25. If they’re going for a classic Ditko Spiderman, I can’t think of anyone better than Butterfield off the top of my head.

    Peter Parker is supposed to be a dork, “the world’s only professional wallflower”, as long as they keep him that way ill be happy.

  26. I love this casting. Asa seems to have the vulnerability, yet self-assuredness that Spidey would have. Shocked at some comments here, especially Kevin’s.

  27. I don’t know if he is a good actor. I thought he was bad in Ender’s Game but Ender’s Game all around was a bad movie so it is hard to judge if he is a good actor or not for me. Marvel may be trying to go for a teen superhero angle but he looks too young.

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