Overseen by Brandon Graham, the ‘8house’ project was first announced earlier this year at the first Image Expo. Described as being a series of stories by different creators, all set within the same overall world, there’ve been a lot of questions about what exactly will be the arrangement of the stories – not just who’ll be drawing them, but how will each sit alongside one another?


Today Graham’s taken to Tumblr to offer a little more detail, following yesterday’s announcement of ‘From Under Mountain’ by Marian Churchland, Claire Gibson and Sloane Leong. 

The first series is going to be a series of mini series starting with:

8house Arclight (#1 to #4) written by me and drawn by Marian Churchland. about a women whose mind is trapped in the body of a monster that she projected herself into years ago.

8house Kiem (#5 to 8) by me and Xurxo Penalta is about a soldier who is asked to fake her death in order to transport a mysterious box to an enemy house.

in issue #9 (to 12)  Emma Rios and Hwei Lim take over with 8house Mirror

and then issue 13 will be the start of 8house: Yorris story by Fil Barlow.

With From Under Mountain being a spin-off series, in essence – it plays into the same universe, but tells a different standalone story from the central books of the main series. Graham says that series is planned for a 12-issue run, or so.

For one thing, I don’t know that all these names have been announced before – it was known that Emma Rios was writing a story, and that Churchland would be involved, but Xurxo Penalta and Fil Barlow getting involved is news, at least, to me.

It’s also interesting to see that the miniseries will actually all be part of the same numbering system – making this a book with rotating creative teams, rather than a group of titles which run simultaneously. In a second post, Graham explains that the book won’t be solicited until the creative teams have gotten further into making the project – so there won’t be any rush for deadlines further down the way.