An anthology of Box Brown’s much lauded EVERYTHING DIES mini-comic and webcomic is now available. Winner of two Ignatz Awards, EVERYTHING DIES deals with various historical and religious takes on the end of the world, second comings, death, and other eschatological matters.

This Lulu-produced collection includes selections from both versions of the strip. Brown’s THE SURVIVALIST is also available for pre-order and will be at BCGF this Saturday.

The Great Disappointment collects work from Box Brown’s web and print comic, Everything Dies. This first volume features the non-fiction and auto-bio stories such as: The Great Disappointment, The Great Upsucking, Alpha, Omega, Ben Died of a Train and many others.  Everything Dies was on the notable comic list in The 2011 Best American Comics Anthology  and won two 2011 Ignatz Awards (Best Series, Best Mini-comic for Ben Died of a Train.) This is the first of three volumes set to collect all of Everything Dies print and web comics.  This is available exclusively through Lulu.

 “More than anything, Everything Dies’ chief success is that it is an exercise in theological reverse-engineering, breaking down the unfathomable whole to better understand all of its working parts. Until Moses comes down from Mt Sinai with the instruction manual, I, for one, am more than happy to watch Box Brown work on it.” — Martin Steenton, Avoid the Future blog”

*Notable comic in The 2011 Best American Comics Anthology *Winner of two 2011 Ignatz Awards (Best Series, Best Mini-comic for Ben Died of a Train.)


  1. Unfortunately, The Survivalist wont be available at BCGF, but I will have a brand new short-run excerpt from Roussimoff, the Andre the Giant based graphic novel I am working on.