Here’s a good idea: Small Press Previews, a new site that I was informed of by Jared Smith. They have 46 publishers signed up to create a single spot to see previews of small press comics coming out each month.
For instance I didn’t know there was a new Derf coming from Alternative Press! On sale at SPX! — whoopie!

While the idea is a sounds one, if you are of the demographic that watches a lot of CBS tv shows you may, as I did, have a bit oof trouble figuring out how to access the previews. They are loaded in a fancy schmancy “virtual riffle” where you must lift up each page and go to the next. It’s fun but I might tire of it in a busy month.

I’ve had a lot of talk here about previews, and whether readers like them in an embedded format, streaming or on an iPad. Or now “virtual riffling.”

Thoughts, readers?


  1. As an indie comic creator, I would love to post previews for people to check out Brittle Hill. I prefer to view previews as a ‘no-brainer’ pdf, or perhaps the issuu ‘flip page’ format. It should be all about the comic content, not the delivery vehicle. Easy is good.

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