Cartooner Bob Fingerman (RECESS PIECES) is joining the reverse commute club as he goes from drawing pictues to writing novels. His debut, BOTTOMFEEDER, is out this month:

My debut novel, BOTTOMFEEDER, is now available and I want everyone to buy a copy and read it. I’m really proud of this book, and getting it published is an achievement I’ve been working towards for years; a first step in a direction I hope to keep pursuing. Help me make BOTTOMFEEDER a success. If you like it, recommend it to friends and family. Word of mouth is the best promotional tool there is and it can’t be bought.

Here’s a link to Amazon, to make purchasing it as effortless as possible.

You can cick on the graphic for a larger image to see the good word of mouth building. It also got a starred review fro Booklist. Congrats, Bob!


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