I’ve been called out of town on a family emergency only to be felled by the stomach flu. Good times! Luckily I bought a big stack of comics to read. I’ll try to post a bit later on, but no promises.


  1. Get well soon Heidi. And look at the bright side, you now have some much needed time to catch up on some reading.

    And it’s winter. Better to be sick now then during the summer when it’s warm and sunny outside.

  2. Get better, Heidi.

    What’s funny is that I had a coworker tell me once there is no such thing as a stomach flu. Nothing in the conventional “contagious” sense that is. She said it is a form of food poisoning when we are stricken with “stomach flu”.

    I can’t prove that she’s right, but I can’t prove she’s wrong either.

    I will say though that one day I was picking up my daughters from Daycare only to discover that many kids were barfing as well as some of the teachers, and then they had to combine all the kids from separate units into one unit because many teachers were leaving for home.

    The funny thing was, out of 50 kids and adults, my two daughters were the ONLY ones who didn’t get sick.

    Go figure.

  3. Heck I think I’d like to get sick if I could catch up on Shield Season 3 & 4 , My Name is Earl Season 1 and Battlestar Galactica Season 2 I’ve got just lying here unwatched. I might have to get VERY sick though….

    Get well soon Heidi.

  4. Drink some of that Vietnamese soup or pho as it’s called. Here’s to a speedy recovery! Don’t forget freshly squeezed orange juice.