Normal Female Force-Hillary ClintonBluewater Productions sent out some PR yesterday about a new comic based on the life of Hillary Clinton — guess this political thing is so big even the comics are getting in on it. If we could we would just reproduce Kevin Melrose’s post at [email protected] Newsarama because he has a lot of fun with this story, from the typo-ridden release to the fact that the cover is a direct rip-off of IDW’s Obama and McCain comics.

“Too facetted”?

The comic, called Female Force: Hillary Clinton, features a woman on the cover who doesn’t much resemble the senator. At all.

Seriously, the Bluewater book even imitates the IDW poses. Come on, now! That’s not innovation we can live with.
Normal Presidential Material


  1. Interesting… Hillary’s flag has fourteen stripes…

    I would have given the background a purple tinge. I do like how her stance is less to-the-right than Obama’s.

    And I believe there is at least one more Obama comic in the works….

  2. Clenched fists on hips pose: WORST. POSE. EVER. Doesn’t matter if you’re Jim Lee or Ash Can Harry. Someday, people will realize that this is pose that is just unillustratable. And if I had a nickel for every time somebody uses this pose . . .

  3. I sent out the wrong press release to the comic market by mistake. As for the cover – I think there is a lot of valid points to them and quality is very important to us. So we are going to fix this so it looks a lot better for the final printing of the book. I am also the moron who did not catch the 14 stripes on the flag. This is going to be a series of non-biased comic books. I was impressed with IDW’s that we wanted to pay homage to it (our cover sucked in comparison). We plan on focusing on more people and different people in the political arena. The writer of the book really disliked her when I asked him to write the book – but ended up getting respect for her. We hope that these books – will be educational for people. I love the Hillary Skrull comments!

  4. “I sent out the wrong press release to the comic market by mistake.”

    And posted it to the publisher’s website; at the time I’m posting this, the announcement on the Bluewater website has the same risible typos (and others) that were noted on the Newsarama blog post…

  5. Last week, Bluewater was an unknown company ’round these parts. Now they’ve got their second story on The Beat in as many weeks and are creating a minor stir in the blogosphere. Say what you will about their creativity or originality, but they seem to be good at stirring up a little publicity.

  6. Come on! I really like how this design fits the IDW books. When comics go political it is all about the politicians and not the comic publishers anymore so it makes sense to design the Hillary cover like the other two. Bluewater said it is a homage to the IDW covers and that is exactly what I thought as I have seen it for the first time.

    Sure the Bluewater version looks a lot cheaper but IDWs candidates look like they will start World War 3 soon.

    And as Kiel said before… Bluewater is making big waves with the Shatner deal and now this. I am curious what they will bring in the future. I looked up some of the titles and they sound way more interesting than the most stuff from the big publishers. For example the Ray Harryhausen books are a great idea and I would prefer reading the Clash of the Titans comics instead of the new innovation project from MARVEL about Skrull Invasions.

  7. I happen to be in the know on this one. The publisher released the wrong cover art (an earlier version) with the original press release. Apparently the file names were too similar and he simply attached the wrong file…no evil genius plan of drumming up publicity, just a dumb-a** goof-up.

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