All belts looks small in hindsight now we’ve met Angela, but Valiant’s news of the day – as part of their ‘Summer of Valiant’ campaign – reveals that Bloodshot will be getting a makeover later in the year. Following on from the current Harbinger Wars crossover, the series will be renamed Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps as of issue #14, with a new creative team moving in too.


Christos Gage and Valiant exclusive Joshua Dysart will script and plot the series together, joined by artist Emanuela Lupacchino. The namechange comes as a result of a ‘gamechanging’ finale to the crossover. You can read more as part of this rather long and in-depth Newsarama interview with the creative team. The cover for the first issue of the rebranded series is by JG Jones, with the issue out in September.


  1. At no point in my adult life did I ever think I would be interested in news about characters like Bloodshot, Harbinger, or any other Valiant characters. And, yet, I’m excited about it all. Kudos to Team-V for making some darn good comics. Christos Gage is a solid writer and I’m glad to see this happening.

  2. What i have to say. I grew up with some of thes characters in my later youth.tyrol x o manowar bloodshot shadowman magnus robot fighter hardcorps and so marking point with the characters and company is when they decided to do the deathmate crossover with image comics.thethe rob liefeld bloodshot and shaft pin up blew me away as well as the jim lee void and solarman of the atom artwork.its been a long time i wish them good luck.lets see if they can get some good movies made based on some of these characters they would bring diversity to the film industry i vouch for turok. X o manowar solarman of the atom shadowman if its based on the game and bloodshot.magnus robot fighter would good as well.i definetly rep sci fi.

  3. Not sure how I feel about this. I have been enjoying all of the Valiant line and have dropped some of DC to continue to read it. At least it looks like they are trying to not overextend the line like phase 2 Valiant did back in the 90’s.

  4. So far the coverart looks just my taste in. Art work definetly something i would pick up and support that’s if whats inside is as good as the cover and not just another industry know one of those industry tricks superstar artist on the cover not so superstar artist inside the book.they ain’t cheap i got a budget to maintain.

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