Marvel have released Joe Quesada’s redesign for Angela, the Neil Gaiman character who is going to be involved in the big twist ending of Age of Ultron. As seen via Entertainment Weekly, Angela has Psylocke’s little ribbons, armour protecting her ankles and elbows, and a ribbon connecting her neck to her sword.


We still don’t know the full deal for why Angela is important or how she connects to anything at all, but now we know that her pants are purple.


  1. Tacky and gross. I’m not familiar with Angela, but designs like this make me embarrassed to be a comics fan — and a man.

  2. Quesada should wear this outfit at SDCC to atone for blowing this chance at a redesign. I hoped Marvel was growing out of putting female characters in bikinis/underwear instead of actual costumes.

  3. That’s not really a re-design so much as a streamlined version of the existing design with a lot of the fiddly stuff taken out, I’d say. (Which, to be fair, is probably what I’d do too, if I was going to use her. She might as well be recognisable when she first shows up.)

  4. I love comics, but seriously sort of hate the people who write, draw, read and edit them.

    (Present company excluded, natch.)

    That can’t be healthy, right?

  5. For all of the people who are complaining: SHE’S WEARING MORE CLOTHES THAN SHE DID AT IMAGE.

    The 90’s were a dark, dark time.

  6. She does appear to be designed to appeal to readers who get off at the sight of semi-naked heroines. Why have armor on her arms when most of the torso is exposed? Artistic balance, yes, but if she doesn’t need the armor to protect herself, then it would be better to fight nude.

    Characters like Angela is why many people dismiss superhero comics as being intended for emotionally retarded readers.


  7. I’m a lifelong comics fan, I probably spend around $1000 on comics a year… and I like this costume design. Frankly, I enjoy some T&A in my comics. I’m not overly concerned about realism when it comes to the costumes and poses in comics. I enjoy all kinds of comics – everything from straight up superhero to obscure indie – and a scantily clad female character is a draw for me. I’m more likely to buy your book if you have some fan service for me.

    Judging by the content on some of these comics blogs, one might think that I’m in the minority these days. Those of us who enjoy a little T&A are “emotionally retarded”, according to another comment in this thread. But there are a lot of comics fans like me out there. If you’re a creator in the industry, listen up. I’m a lifelong comics fan, I probably spend around $1000 on comics a year… and I’m a member of the silent majority.

  8. Just a heads up silent majority, I’m in one of the few schools that has an actual Sequential Art program in the US and most of the people in the program are girls, this does not bode well for the future of T&A. Someday more editors will be women and more artists will be women and CEOs etc…

    Oh and I also spend 20 dollars a week on comics and grew up with 90’s comics, but I was a teenager. I don’t care if characters are walking around naked, what I want are quality stories. However as a comics creator I also want more people to read comics, specifically that other 50% of the population. Characters that apparently have time for Brazilian wax jobs between fighting demons are not helping. The first thing you see is the art and if you see a story featuring a barbie in a Valkyrie costume from planet BDSM, well you do the math, NO YOU DO THE MATH RITA!

    My biggest problem with this specific costume is just how boring it is, it’s not like her boobs are bigger than her head or that her spine is broken in three places, it’s just a lackluster design. The colossus armor look is painfully dated, every comic had that look because it was easy. If they want to pay me I would redesign her with maybe you know some historical references in mind, give her a look worth ogling.

  9. I’m really not convinced that the fan service audience IS a “silent majority”. In fact, I’d seriously question whether the Diamond charts actually support the claim that it’s a significant commercial draw in 2013. There’s a market for it, yes, but it’s nothing like what it was in the 1990s. I strongly suspect that these days it puts off at least as many readers (of both sexes) as it attracts.

  10. This is a silly costume, but no more impractical than Red Sonja running around in a chain mail bikini, killing marauders with her sword. Even if she never caught TB or typhoid, she would still have nicks, scars, sun damage, and probably hairy arms and legs..
    Manwhile, the male characters are fully clothed but (ahem) somewhat euniched. Pouches but not packages.
    It’s an unreal comic universe fer sure.

  11. have to admit, the costume does remind one of the 1990s. maybe the purpose of this is so that the character is not completely unrecognizable when she makes her big return to comics and later down the road there will be more costume redesigns. as for the outfit being offensive to women, give me a break. considering the huge amounts of women that show up to cons these days dressed as their favorite half-naked or skin tight , camel toe and all characters (poison ivy, slave leia, the baroness, power girl, vampirella, supergirl, zatanna,harley quinn, ms. marvel, pyslocke, black widow, white queen, not to mention all those anime characters, the list goes on and on) i find it hard to believe that all women that are into this hobby of ours are offended by the outfits. if anything, the creators see these women show up to these cons dressed this way and probably figure if the women participating in this hobby are cool with these outfits, then hey, why not? now if you wanna start blaming women for the fact that these outfits are still around, good luck with that. lets see how far that gets you.

  12. I need to put some goggles on.

    The logical fallacies in support of sexist work are flying everywhere at the rate of several weak inductions per second. POW! Hasty Generalization. ZAP! Begging the Question. BOOM! Suppressed Evidence. WHOOSH! False Composition.

    Spend more time educating yourself. Maybe a little less time ogling lady parts.

  13. I wish I had something witty to contribute that would express how much I don’t care and at the same time making it seem like the fact that I’m taking the time to put fingers to keyboard is something more than the perfunctory exercise of my standard comic industry internet-news rounds.

    Oh just thought of something…the cosplay opportunities! More girls attempting to emulate this design. Those poor, poor girls and the body image issues they struggle with.

    Can’t wait for the con pics. Lamestream comics, they are stupid sometimes! Joe Quesada lives in a swanky apartment so who cares?!!!

  14. In the CBR interview with Quesada he says “As time goes on, I’m certain she will be redesigned. They’ll probably put more armor on her to cover up more of her bare flesh, for one. [Laughs] But I wanted to keep as much of what was originally Angela there.”

    I agree that this is the best approach. I like the design but miss the little Spawn eyes in the sash and ear rings she used to have. Joe should have incorporated some green in the costume the make up for it. Also, not a fan of the red tears he added.

  15. Sarcasm is the recourse of a weak mind.

    I’m still glad you posted, tho. I’ve never seen a snake eat its own tail.

  16. What is she doing in the marvel universe she is suppose to be one of todd mcfarlanes original designs for spawn.i personaly don’t like the design the original one drawn by mcfarlane on the cover of the first issues of spawn looks better and still has more substance not to mention mcfarlanes talent to draw and render her.i think she would better in a ghost rider story something dark and gloomy since ghost rider has more or less the same problems with mephisto and blackheart as spawn has with malebogin and the violaters.put her in between to analize the similarities of conflict between the two peronalities spawn and ghostrider from two different worlds or realities and let her feel like somethink fishy is going on or something real bad is going to happen through in spiderman with the symbiote suit and how it has affected others on different worlds or realities namely spawns symbiote suit throw in venom carnage clown and you got a killer storie very dark and gothic for release for halloween.wahla.

  17. Joe;
    Nobody gives a fuck. Nobody.
    Furthermore, nobody will give a fuck until you stop screwing around and actually bring Marvelman back. Until then, as previously stated: Nobody honestly fucking cares.

  18. @Steve Morris – The Psylocke ribbons you refer to is character design technique used for female figure egularly in Japanese anime, manga and video games. You see this in all those video games with fake anime/hentai ninjas dating back to the 80’s which is around the same time said character change took place.

  19. The funniest thing about this article is I am trying to digest all this sexism in comics talk and at the bottom of the page is a Tee Shirt company banner add with some girl on her back and Quadruple D Boobs. It s a lost cause. Road Kill indeed.

  20. This design has problems. But the skin is actually not one of them.

    Wonder Woman’s classic costume is fine because it’s a good looking design and realism is not the point. What hurts her classic costume is not that it shows skin but that many artists resort to exaggerating her anatomy in stupid ways or needlessly zooming in on her assets or both.

    You look at Jose Garica Lopez art of Wonder Woman and you realize how good she can actually look in her classic outfit. Yes you see skin but she looks heroic and cool in it because neither the costume or her body are being treated in a crass and sleazy manner. Her trunks aren’t being widdled down to a thong, the camera is not so zoomed in on her in assets in such a way that to get a speech baloon to fit it has to be pointed so it looks like the dialog is coming from her left butt cheek.

    This Angela costume is not hurt as much by showing skin as it is by being a random mish-mash of design elements which hurts a lot of 90’s superhero designs. The huge belt, the ribbons, the face paint, the er…ass-cape, none of it really jibes with the golden armor.

  21. The Gibbler: Women aren’t taking over comics. Sorry. There will probably be more of a balance, but that’s a silly power fantasy to assume that the industry will be overrun with women just because many students need an at-some-distance course.

    Synsidar: “Characters like Angela is why many people dismiss superhero comics as being intended for emotionally retarded readers.”
    No, more “well-educated” people assume comics are for kids and emotionally stunted people because they have more words than pictures. Stupid people assume they are for kids because they don’t read, period. As the population becomes dumber, more people will read comics and look down upon people who read prose novels and stories for being “high-falutin'” or an “egghead”.

  22. Gibbler: Every comics teacher I spoke to this weekend said that their classes are more woman than men now.

    The future will be interesting.

  23. If that design is to adult for you guys and gals you can forget about picking up a heavy metal magazine or the movie hardcore adult fantasy art keyword here is adult in mind and can also forget about any vampirilla books ladydeath or purgatori books fantasy frank freazeta art work and so on.

  24. Any is mcfarlane sellingout his characters or what it seems everyone wants a chance to do whatever they want with her because of her well drawn female atributions.did sell her off completely or is he pimping like. Some cheap prostitute.

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