Funko continues to bank on millenial cartoon nostalgia with its latest Disney Afternoon action figures. As much as I love what they’re doing with the current DuckTales reboot and reimagining classic concepts and characters for a new era, the originals still hold a special place in my heart.

Relive the glory of youth and afternoons spent watching your favorite Disney cartoons. Better still, reenact moments from your favorite shows with these Disney Afternoon action figures.
Gizmoduck needs your assistance stopping crime. Gadget’s more than capable of flying the Rescue Rangers in and out of danger, and keeping their plane in tiptop shape between adventures. King Louie’s probably taking it easy at Louie’s Place, if you happen to need him for some amiable conversation. And Darkwing Ducks’ pilot Launchpad McQuack is an eager and able sidekick.


  1. Louie? REALLY? Of all the TaleSpin characters, Funko picked LOUIE?! Why not release a Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo’s navigator?! Well I hope they release more of these later on, but the next TaleSpin figure after this set has better be a Kit Cloudkicker!

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