Continuing our spotlight on #BlackComicsMonth, by arrangement with Vixen, catching up with a ton of creators and comics. Check out some talented people you may not have been aware of before.



and his webcomic Random Acts of Boredom.


Day 10 Taneka Stotts of the Beyond comics anthology and more.


Day 11 Olivia Stephens and her webcomic Alone.

Jack Salva carries around his broken heart in a world devoid of color since his wife Joyce died. We see him waking up, surrounded by memories of her and making his way to her grave to visit. We see Jack next, at work – he owns Vagabond Diner and Bakery. He’s talking to one of his customers, who is hell bent on setting him up when Sarah is introduced. She’s the new owner of the Revival Coffee shop next door. Almost immediately we see that Sarah’s presence has started to change Jack and open him up the possibility of love again.



Day 12 The webcomic Starhammer  by J.N. Monk (writing), Harry Bogosian (pencils/inks), Tessa Kleiner (colors), and Vondell Swain (visual development).

This series blends elements of superhero, sci-fi, magical girl, and alternate history to tell the story of an overachieving, yet aimless, teen who finds unexpected direction in life when she unwittingly becomes the successor to a washed-up superheroine.”



and a preview of Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury/Lady Rawhide #1. Cover by Mirka Andolfo.