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Tomorrow at 9 am pst, noon est, tickets for this year’s open registration for the San Diego Comic-Con takes place. There’s a detailed FAQ in the above link, a video here, and an explanation of this year’s RFID technology here. RFID, already in use by New York Comic-Con, means each badge is trackable, and should greatly cut down on counterfeiting and second market sales. (Hopefully it won’t affect giving your pal a badge so he can run out and get you a cop of coffee or a new pair of shoes, as I had to do one year.) Badges will be mailed out ahead of time, so you need to have an actual address (or a friend with one) if you want to go.

In case you are wondering: it hasn’t been explained how press badges, traditionally the latest of the badges to close, will go out, whether by mail or pick-up. If you have any questions about the whole process, put them in the comments and I’ll try to get some answers from the SDCC folks.


In case that’s all a bit much for you—and if you are set on going to Comic-Con, it isn’t at all—here’s a shorter version at Screen Crush:

Comic-Con will sell badges to the general public during Open Online Registration, which begins shortly after 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST on Saturday, February 20, 2016. Badges sell out very, very quickly and not everyone who participates in the Open Online Registration will have the option to purchase a badge. The Online Registration page will open at 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET to allow you to enter your registration code and authorize your computer to enter the online lobby/waiting area (it is strongly recommended that you use an actual computer for your Comic-Con ticket purchase and not a phone or iPad).

Think of this area as a waiting room at a doctor’s office. You want to get to there and have all your information ready so that when the doctor calls you in, you’re ready to go. It does not matter what time you entered the waiting room as long as it is before 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET. Those who have entered will called in random order for their registration session.

Basically you have an unhurried hour to log in with your SPECIAL UNIQUE UNICORN REGISTRATION NUMBER and then you get sent to a massive waiting room/lottery where a precious few lucky people will get through to buy their badges.

According to the FAQ, you already needed to have registered for a Comic-Con Member ID before February 11th. If you didn’t…no go. And you can only buy badges with ONE credit card.

As with last year, Comic-Con does not expect any more tickets to go on sale. There will be no resale of returned tickets this year. So….this is it! Valar morghulis! Teen Wolf, I am coming!