Usually here at SBM we have a field day when a criminal decides to dress as a cartoon character before committing a crime. This time, forcing someone to dress as a character IS part of a crime.

A sadistic drill sergeant at an Army training base has been accused of forcikng one of his trainees to dress as Superman and submit to bizarre Kryptonite-based sex acts, reports the AP. Army Staff Sgt Edmundo F. Estrada, 35 has been charged with indecent assault, having an inappropriate relationship with a trainee, and cruelty and maltreatment of subordinates. After a recruit complained of “feeling depressed.” Estrada subjected him to sexual abuse under the guise of “treatment.”

The technique involved role-playing scenes from a pornographic movie, which depicted a Superman character weakened by Kryptonite as the subject of sexual torture.

“Estrada would verbally describe a sexual act of torture, relating to the pornographic movie, and (the victim) was to respond in a sexual manner by moaning,” the affidavit said. The soldier also said he eventually was forced to “dress in a ‘Superman’ or similar outfit” while Estrada performed sexual acts on him.

The soldier reported he felt if he didn’t obey the requests, “Estrada would negatively affect his reclassification efforts.”

Okay now, that shit is just SICK.

[Thanks to “Trusty” for the link.]


  1. Now the idea of Supergirl endorsed sex toys – enpowered by Kryptonite rechargeable batteries no less – I think they would be sensational sellers at all the adult book stores in Van Nuys.

    WB Licensing department – are you listening?