The Keanu Reeves renaissance continues apace. Today saw the release of the first trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music, which appears to be some sort of time travel movie starring Reeves and Alex Winter. Check it out:

So it looks like Reeves and Winter play the titular Ted and Bill, who were members of a popular band called the Wyld Stallyns that has apparently seen better days. At some point in the past this band was tasked with writing a song to save the world, and now Holland Taylor and a group of floating people are reminding them that the world will end unless they do something. There’s also a weird electric phone booth, and some pods that travel through tubes, and then Reeves and Winter in horrendous muscle suits.

Look, I’ve never heard of this before today, but it looks bananas. Reeves’s filmography was already pretty diverse, as ever since his breakout role as Johnny Utah in 1991’s Point Break he’s peppered in comedies alongside dramatic and action roles. This looks like it’ll definitely be a comedy, albeit one with somewhat higher stakes than most. I hope we get some more information about the history of the Wyld Stallyns and how they came to be responsible for the fate of the world, but I get that the trailer doesn’t want to give everything away.

It’s also refreshing to see something original coming out from movie studios, instead of yet another reboot or sequel. Still, a quick shot of a pair of girls might be an indication that the studio has a franchise in mind for these characters, so who knows what will happen.

Also up in the air is just how Bill & Ted Face the Music will be released. The trailer says summer 2020, but with movie theaters across the country still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will newcomer Orion Pictures make the film available digitally? For an unknown property like this (albeit one with the star-power of Reeves attached to it), it’ll be interesting to see what the studio chooses to do with it.

Whatever this ends up being, and however it ends up being released, it looks like a lot of fun already. Bill & Ted Face the Music is due out later this year.


  1. “Look, I’ve never heard of this before today, but it looks bananas…”

    “It’s also refreshing to see something original coming out from movie studios, instead of yet another reboot or sequel…”

    I honestly can’t tell if these statements are joking or are meant earnestly, but assuming they are earnest,,, THANKS FOR MAKING ME FEEL OLD.

    Because, really, there is a set of Gen X moviegoers who have been waiting for the next chapter in the adventures of Bill S. Preston (Esquire) and Theodore Logan after their Excellent Adventure and their Bogus Journey.

    Be Excellent To Each Other–sound advice, then and now.

  2. This should be interesting. The last movie was a fun bit and it’s obvious the actors are going to have fun again. Yes they are older, and I’ll miss Carlin as Rufus, but we’ll see what happens.

  3. “This is going to make Gen X feel very, very old.”

    You said it, brother. Still…a story about two guys who as youngsters thought they were destined to bring about a better world and as old guys must confront the fact that they’ve failed to live up to their promise–well, that’s something that resonates well among GenXers…and other olds.

  4. Uh, Joe, this is the third installment, plus there have been multiple comic book series (the SUPERB original one from Evan Dorkin was originally published by Marvel, as well as recent ones licensed by Boom!)

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