Later this month AfterShock Comics will release Beyond the Breach #5, the final issue of the sci-fi adventure series from writer Ed Brisson, artist Damian Couceiro, colorist Patricio Delpeche, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Today The Beat is pleased to offer an exclusive four-page preview of the issue, which finds our heroes engaged in a final battle for their lives.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Beyond the Breach #5:

It’s complete chaos as interdimensional bounty hunters descend upon Vanessa and crew. One of our heroes will sacrifice themselves, but will it be enough? Will Vanessa manage to get Dougie home? Is there even a home to return to? And what will happen to everyone else?!

Back when the series, which follows a group of survivors after a cataclysmic event that knocks out all technology and finds aliens having taken over large swaths of the planet, was initially announced, writer Ed Brisson described how the book’s main characters react to the world around them and those they meet. “Every day brings a new threat and new answers,” Brisson said. “This is a story about finding family in the strangest of places and the most trying of circumstances.”

Check out the preview of Beyond the Breach #5, including three previously-released pages and four pages exclusive to The Beat, below. The final issue of the series arrives in stores and digitally on Wednesday, November 17th. A collected edition of the full series is also due out in February 2022.