Next week, Archie Comics will release Betty & Veronica Friends Forever: Game On! The new one-shot spotlights stories in which the title characters and the rest of the Riverdale gang run afoul of technology, and includes a new tale, “Be Glitched,” from the creative team of writer Ron Robbins, penciller Dan Parent, inker Bob Smith, colorist Glenn Whitmore, and letterer Jack Morelli. Today, ahead of the issue’s release, The Beat is pleased to present a preview of the new story.

Here’s how Archie Comics describes Betty & Veronica Friends Forever: Game On!:

A BRAND-NEW STORY kicks off this collection of tales of video games, digital drama, and virtual reality realness! In “Be Glitched,” Sabrina joins Betty, Veronica, and the gang for some fun at the Riverdale Arcade. Unbeknownst to her, rival Amber Nightstone (along with her new pals Trick and Treat) arrive on the scene to cause some magical MMORPG mayhem!

“Be Glitched” is the latest appearance for recent addition to the Archie stable of characters Amber Nightstone. The character first appeared in last year’s Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular, as a nemesis for everyone’s favorite teenage witch.

“For this story, it was so much fun tapping into the core memories I have of playing video games at splashy, noisy arcades, like Cook’s in Mamaroneck, NY,” writer Ron Robbins told The Beat of writing the new story. “Of course, someone like Amber Nightstone would try to ruin that kind of fun just to toy with Sabrina, and this time she’s brought along Trick & Treat as backup. I love how Betty’s initial thought is that Trick & Treat need to be saved, and the gang makes that their primary mission.” 

“There’s a lot to unpack in this fun story!” added penciller Dan Parent. “You’ve got our classic characters, plus new ones, another match-up between Sabrina and Amber, and the nostalgia of video games and arcades! Ron’s script is so fun; it shows he and I share a warm feeling for arcades of the past.” 

Robbins described the themes of the story, and in turn praised Parent’s artwork on the issue. “This story has a fun, magical backdrop of familiar video games,” he said, “And reinforces the message that good friends have each other’s backs, and always look out for those that might need a helping hand. I can’t wait for everyone to read it and see Dan’s amazing art!”

Along with the new story, The Beat is also excited to exclusively share a full reprinted story from the new one-shot. That story, “Video Strategy,” was originally presented in 1991’s Life with Archie #284. It’s by the creative team of writer George Gladir, penciller Howard Bender, inker Henry Scarpelli, colorist Barry Grossman, and letterer Bill Yoshida.

Check out both the 3-page preview of “Be Glitched” and the complete “Video Strategy” below. Betty & Veronica Friends Forever: Game On! is due out in stores next Wednesday, May 3rd.