Dynamite has launched a Kickstarter featuring an upgraded card set for the Bettie Page Deluxe Ultra-Premium Sketch Card Collection. The campaign offers fans of the pinup icon one-of-a-kind sketch cards and other exciting bonuses. In addition, famed wrestler, commentator, artist, and Bettie superfan Jerry “The King” Lawler will not only be featured as an additional card premiering in the Kickstarter, but will also be contributing signed, exclusive sketch cards to the set.
Dynamite’s Bettie Page comic series has been a fan favorite for some time and this card series features top artists such as Joseph Michael Linsner, David Williams, John Royle, and Scott Chantler. Also included are iconic photographs and one-of-a-kind exclusive pieces by top sketch-card artists such as Axe, Ken Haeser, Kevin Graham, Mike Lilly, Mitch Ballard, Rich Molinelli, Sanna U, Tim Shay, and many others.
Lawler’s promo card is inspired by the iconic work of 1980s painter Patrick Nagel. This uniquely designed chase card as well as signed versions will be included in a limited number of packs.
“I’ve been a Bettie Page fan for a long, long time,” said Lawler. “As an artist myself, I’ve always been a huge fan of pinup art from models and legends like Gil Elvgren and Olivia. Bettie and I are both from the beautiful state of Tennessee. There was a kind of connection. I was the king of wrestling and she was the queen of the photoshoot! She always seemed special to me. I’m excited about the fact that the Dynamite cards and comic books are letting today’s fans get acquainted with an icon like Bettie again or for the first time. It’s not just art to me, it’s doing a piece for one of my all-time favorites. It’s a win-win!”
Individual foil packs include two base cards, two sketch cards, one black and white “Peek-a-Boo” card (a risqué photo black bagged like an adult magazine), one puzzle card, and one autographed card per pack, with 12 packs per box. Fans can support the Kickstarter to have every foil pack additionally packaged in individual sturdy cardboard sleeves.
Another reward tier option for supporters is the critically acclaimed Bettie Page graphic novels by writer David Avallone (Elvira Mistress of the Dark) and artist Colton Worley (Project Superpowers, The Shadow). Super fans who choose higher reward tiers will receive a full bag of loot including two full boxes (24 packs), two promo cards, a nine-card puzzle set, the ability to choose their own sketch artists, and an uncut factory card sheet.
To back the Kickstarter, click here before May 30.
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